Saturday, February 24, 2007

Millennium Challenge: 666 hrs for three wars- The Adowa, Badme and Baidowa Connection- The Horn of Africa Allies -Ethiopia/USA and Kenya

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia:

Purple Hearts for three Generations of Ethiopians for their bravery!

Re: Ethiopias Strategic Alliance of the Millenium with Kenya, Uganda and the United States

The record of the century is 6-6-6: the new Ethiopian special number of the Milennium

Ethipian Heroes of Adwa, Badme and Baidowa have one thing in common. It took them 6 hours each to anhiliate their enemies (Italy, Shabia and Somalia)

666 of the last Mellennium will be the digit that Patriotic Ethiopians will pass on the next generation.

It is becoming very clear that the United States, Keny and Uganda are the three countries that are forming the Axis of Freedom for the Horn of Africa.

Patriotic Ethiopians for a long time to come will appreciate the people of the United States,Kenya and Uganda for their unique partnership in our times of need.

This is going to be a unqiue partnership of the New Millennium where many schoars and future leadership will have to document and analyze for a long time to come, how and what is likely to happen to this Axis of Alliance of the three Great Nations of the 21st Century.

As Sudan and Eritrea will be remembered as the two Horn nations which terrorize their own citizens upto and including as the only two nations of the Horn that the government orchestrated genocide and homelands of terror in 21st Century. The people of Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda will be remembered as those great visionary countries who saved the future of the Horn.

Ethiopia especifically will be remembered with honor as the only country in the whole of Africa and the region who can stand up against terrorism and win hands down in less than six hours the same way it did in Adwa, Badme and Baidow.

When the last Mellnnium is looked back with fond memory, gallant Ethiopians of three generations will be remembered defeating the enemy within six hours.

As we remember Adwa Victory in the coming few weeks we will remember 6*6*6 as the unique connection of the current generation with the brave ancestors of the last century. It took us 6 hours

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