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Patriotism the Antidote of Terrorism- The Immune System Analogy

Patriotism the antidote of terrorism- The Analogy of our Immune System

Managing Global Terrorism with Proactive Vigilance!

Global Terrorism is here to stay. Unless we learn from the lesson of our immune system that is challenged by immune deficiency syndromes, we will have the same challenge at community and societal level.

The best response is a continuous vigilance and ever presents public awareness campaign supported by nurturing true Ethiopian patriotism, based on the self interest and national interest of the country.

The Construct and Analogy:

Let me give you the example of our own immune system since I am a physician and public health scientist, I can easily relate this to the way our body responds to perpetual stress or aggressive stimulants.

In effect, the lesson from our own immune system is the best insight for the way we should treat sleeper cell terrorists. Without going into detail let us review our immune system and how the analogy works with sleeper cell terrorists scenario of today’s global terror network.

At the point of contact with a pathogen in the blood stream, the micro-organism faces the host’s tightly integrated cellular and humoral immune system. The cellular immunity comprising of T lymphocytes, macrophages, and natural killer cells primarily recognizes and combats pathogens that proliferate intracellularly.

Penetration of the Defense System.

With rna virsues, the ability of the immune system to identify the virus as pathogen is lost as it imitates the normal dna cells and transmits itself by mutating to other cells.

For that matter even the disruption of the normal cell biology like mutation into cancer cells or the now common "immune deficiency" of the HIV phenomenon where the rna based virus transcripts itself in to the normal DNA and replicates itself without detection is the best analogy for our situation.

Taking this microscopic experience into the social dynamics of sleeper cell terrorists is very similar but at different level. Watching the” Bagdad experiment” or social laboratory is very telling.

The difference of old and new war situations.

I. Identifying the Problem in terms of immune system analogy

The first scenario is what is commonly experienced in the normal cold and hot war situation. You know the enemy, have his address or some foot prints and you can boost your defense or immune system to deal with it.

Challenges of compromised Immune system

Taking the analogy of the immune system, occasionally when our immune system is compromised either due to malnutrition, or toxic nutrition or exposed to continuous stressors, what is otherwise easy day to day encounter with normal pathogens starts to become a serious challenge?

Opportunistic infections and opportunistic terrorists

That is what is referred to “opportunistic infections” in the immune compromised host. As the immune system is overwhelmed with a series of these stressors and pathogens, if there is an rna virus that sneaks in undetected then it thrives in the unsuspecting host cells literally fooling the defense system as one of them.

The terror years in the Bush:

This is in effect the tragedy of the immune deficiency syndromes. If the pathogen is so smart that it mutates during each reproduction cycle, then you have the whole sleeper cell terrorists operating without any identity. Remember, the situation post Asimba and Dedebit, where the left series of sleeper cell terrorists with one, two, three identifiers (yeferes and yetigil sem) , mutating so much that the command and control center itself cannot recognize who is who and then add to that they penetrate another cell all together, so what was a student movement cell organizer, now joins the EPRP, mutates to Meoson, Derg, TPLF and now EPDRF or Kinijit, the scenario is just unbelievable.

The Lesson of Tamrat Layne and Red Terror Victims!

The only thing going for these sleeper cells is that they operate in the same way. Lie, distort information, paint non congruent picture, create hatred and then prepare,
Slogans and even statements where the fool is made to accept his fate, remember :Tagaday Tamrat Laine who masqueraded for a brief period as a “Prime Misery”, we all recall how he was doing his “Abiot Yifafamibigne bit before the Derg was making its shooting spree on the youth of Addis, etc. The process of justice is all the same. No legal defense, no rebattle or challenge the evidence you just get the sore justice.

The Badme and Baidowa Fiasco!

Now, taking the big picture, the same scenario has happened most recently in the Badme and Baidowa Fiasco. The same group of people who were part of the same cell network, come out and declare they are now different entities and feel it is a great idea to fight under assumed excuses. Imagine, Fighting borders based on Italian Colony Maps that were drafted for a different purpose and in a different setting all together! What Shabia tried to do in 1991, 1998, 2000 and now in Baidowa in 2007 is the same old terror but changing the landscape and the players.

This has happened at Badme, at Ogaden and with the same man Colonel Huseine Tahir when he blinded us with the EPRP delinquents and the foolish Mengistu leadership removed the main defence the 3rd Brigade, otherwise known as the "Lions of Ogaden and in 1977 many of my families, relations and fellow citzens perished.

The Somalia Experience!

Now, the Bankrupt Communist Colonel of the 1977 has evolved or mutated into a more lethal Jihadist Sheik; and claims both our territories and Sharia law in the whole Horn region where he expects to be the Imam. His weapon is the local opposition in parliament such as CUDP, UEDP, and series of Ormo affiliated fronts and parties, not to forget the great snake, Shabia in the North.

Here you have a scenario of the HIV virus replication of the rna into the Ethiopian body politics. What you observed in Parliament during the new year and the overwhelming Sleeper cells of the Diaspora reflect this new mutation.

The Potential Solution: Vigilance at all level.

The potential solution, is by all means possible do not loose the ability to differentiate between self and non self. In fact, that is what worries me now most from our recent experience in Parliament. The minute your parliamentarians are worried protecting the enemy be it Alqaeda of Asmara of Moqadisho or the Diapspora or that of Kaliti, than their nation and the people who voted them in to represent them, we have a serious problem.

Highly organized vigilance and continuous review of the status of the enemy is the only solution. So, if we have all 80 million Ethiopians spend at least 2 years learning to defend their country, be it in school, work or at any high private or public position, in effect immunizing our population with highly effective intelligence supported with the enabling capacity is our guarantee.

Citizen Watch Dog1

Make every citizen the watch dog of our security, just as our immune system does. Forget, feeding stupid generals that betray you any time they have a chance. That is exactly what Major Mengistu and 50 Aleqa Legese, Shaleqa Dawit and Goshu wolde did. For that matter, General Mengistu Neway and the likes before them.

Avoid Week Links (Generals betraying your security)

Remember the Derg Generals Husaine who accepted bribes to relinquish their post in the middle of the war (The Navy Graduation Cermony changed into a massacre! With intelligence being ignored intentionally by rogue generals!).

Remember the recent attempt by Generals Geltu and Gonfa to repeat the same mistake thinking that Ethiopians do not learn from past mistkes or the army has no memory?

Never depend on any week link such as these so called generals who really do not have any thing that makes them even a private leave alone a General?

Make your populous from Kindergarten to Geriatrics like Balcha Aba Nefso, your guarantee. Just add up Somalian and Asmaria Jiahdsists they do not come any where near 80 Million.

Educate Deligence and Vigilance at all level from Kindergarten to the University

Revise the school curriculum, change the media network and teach first Ethiopian Citizenship not any version of stupid and moronic self determination for a select group. Let all 80 Million People Self-Determine that is protect the holy and divine name and honor of Ethiopia. Let the people own, have a stake in the county and you have the most potent force that no power on earth can touch.

Most importantly support the immune system that is the Defense Forces and never allow the Veitnam and Iraq Fiaso that is evolving in the West, especially in Britiain and America ever to be copied in Ethiopia. Always stand by the Patriotic Defense Forces. After all they are giving their lives for your security and that is should be a sacred covenant.

At last, I have faith and strong vision, that Ethiopians will rise to the occasion as they have always done so, better than Britain or US or Israel have done. Remember, the past and analyze the recent and charter a better future.

At last let us just the do the right thing. Share with the people the real danger and they will take care of things!

If the enemy plans to write 100,000 letters, let us ask the peasants and the people to write 80 Million letters. Respond in time, do not waste any thing on our security and prosperity! Always, First Thing First, Our security should never be compromised at any cost and at any time!

With love and respect

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc.
Partners for Peace and Prosperity

Read my article, First things First in for further information.

Thank you

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