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Millennium Challenge Series 10: Chartering Common Vision for Peace and Prosperity!

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia:

Millennium Challege Series 10: ...."The impact of the current Italian-Shabia and AlQaeda Operatives in the Horn will be a drop in the Ocean when the Millennium is reviewed and our future is chartered with a common vision for peace and prosperity...."

Re: Creating a Common Vision for Peace and Prosperity among challenges of temporary insecurity! Mananging 6 months as our Patriots managed their challenges in six hours.

The Millennium is upon us and we have barely six months to go. The Adwa, Badme and Baidowa heritage also shows us that our patriots of the Millennium defeated the unwelcome enemy within bare six hours of engagement.

So, we need to engage the Millennium creatively within the next six months as our gallant heroes and patriots engaged the "enemy" of Adwa, Badme and Baidowa" in six hours!

Remembering the HIV-Immune Deficiency Connection and the Moden Sleeper Cell operatives and Global Terrorism is critical as we deal with the current series of information from the Horn and the attempted analysis in due course.

It is well documented that the whole Shabia activity in the Horn over the past 40 years has been to destabilize the Horn and create a breeding ground for Faschist type alqaeda operatives to take control of the region.

Marxism- Lenninsm and the unsuspecting youth and student movements became the agents of this great conspiracy. Today's Operatives are victims of this fundamental shift that took place 40 years ago.

The strategy is to misinform and disinfranchise the population so much that they become week target for aggressive modern psychological and economic colonization. The weak link of the strong patriotic society has been the youth who were indoctrinated by Counter-Intelligence agents posing as teachers in the many diplomatic and missionary schools as well as military institutions that swarmed the Horn after the second world war.

Once the youth were separated from their historical heritage and made to feel that they are inferior, they began to hate themselves and their respective communities being agent provocatours of any thing but change to make the people ashamed of their history, their culture and their heritage. The tool was Marxism and Lenninism and later pseudo fundamental type cultural assault in the name of revitalizainion where the communist would take over the churches, mosques and other religious institutions.

Now, events did not unfold according to plan. The mother of all revolutions itslef had a revolution in Russia where the Communists lost big time. All their surrogates began to crumble or rather infiltrate religious and nationalistic movements.

To summarize, the Shabia Fiasco is not finished yet. Now it has bitten the Tigers tail and the result is gonig to be fundamental. The challenge is for Patriotic Ethiopians and People of the Horn to educate the youth to honor their culture, heritage, and most importantly to protect their freedom in all areas of activities.

The current scenario is a passing phase and will have consequences. The challenges is to make the Millennium the time of Renaissance of our cultural heritage and our shared common vision for a better future via win-win Synergestic Partnership for Peace and Prosperity.

I encourge patriots to review our past and charter our future. Please review our web site:, and to appreciate the past and to seek common consensus in the future.

The Millennium should be a time of reflection and a time of re-commitment to our own cutlrual heritage and proseperity with sustainable security in the 21st century.

For that, we need to dialogue and reason and ensure that the future of our children continues to be bright.

Let us dialogue and reason to start the march to the new Millennium.

with regards and seeking your enlighted communication, I remain;

Yours sincerely

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

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