Monday, April 02, 2007

Millennium Challenge Series 23: Welcoming all Diaspora Back

Dear Patriotic Ethiopoians and Friends of Ethiopia:

Let my people stay! Stop the bleeding of talent and resources!

I read with interest in this forum the rather callous treatment of our most important resources, our talented people.

We cannot afford to ask any body to leave! We need every Ethiopian!

Operation Moses, Operation Sheba, Operation Solomon and most recently Operation Millennium has taken all the remants Ethiopian Jews.

In 1974 we lost all the who and whos of Ethiopia to Mengistu's genocide sqaud and that resulted in massive migration of the best and able Ethiopians

In 1984, Mengistu went wild with his Revolution Anniversary and wiped out all the peasants with calculated genocidal forced migration and we lost lots of our peasants.

In 2004, we lost a lot of Ethiopians after the Badme Fiasco of 1998 and 2000 and lost a lot of talent.

In 2007, we lost another set of Ethiopians to Baidowa and Yemen Immigration officers.

When will this loss of our people stop. Enough is Enough, we want all our people back for the Millennium

All the talent and resourceful ones have left the country. Now asking for our people of the North to leave is asking for too much.

What will come of us if we continue to bleed by loosing such talent and resource the country needs.

I say, take the Millennium as a Mellennium of Return to the Moteherland. Please stay my people do not go any where!

Home, sweet home is the best place on earth. To read some interesting articels in the same trend called Millennium Challenge Series, please visit www.SolomonicCrown.Org and

Let me hear your aleternative perspectives!

Let the Millennium be the Opportunity to welcome all the Diaspora and no one should be asked or let to leave!

Ethiopia needs all its citizens!

With regard

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc
Partners for Peace and Prosperity

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