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Millennial Challenge: Making the Shabia Terrorists the HIV threat of the Horn security!

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Pre-empting the The New Global Terrorists before they can become a real threat!

The US & the Horn Terrorists face the truth! Pre-emptive strike is the solution!

1. Identifying the terrorist pathogenic threat

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States said on Friday it was considering putting Eritrea on its list of state sponsors of terrorism for allegedly funneling weapons to insurgents fighting the Ethiopian-backed government in Somalia.

2. Impact of early pre-emptive intervention.

Putting Eritrea on the list would impose sanctions on the Horn of Africa nation, including a ban on arms-related sales, prohibitions on some U.S. aid and U.S. opposition to International Monetary Fund and World Bank loans to Eritrea.

The fragile interim Somali government, backed by troops from Eritrea's archrival Ethiopia, is fighting an Islamist insurgency in a conflict that has killed hundreds of people since December.

3. Ethio-pathogenesis of the Shabia Terror

A U.N. monitoring group last month said large quantities of arms, including surface-to-air missiles, were flowing from Eritrea to Somalia. Eritrea has denied sending the weapons.

4. Mechanism of terrorist action (over and covert operations)

Diplomats say Eritrea and Ethiopia have been waging a proxy war in Somalia since last year, when Asmara backed a hard-line Islamist movement against the country's government.

5. A virus and a terrorist cannot stop their behavior on their own!

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Jendayi Frazer said Eritrea could avoid being designated a state sponsor of terrorism if it stopped its alleged activities in Somalia.

"We are not looking to go down this route but if they continue their behavior and we put together the file that's necessary, I think it would be fairly convincing," she told reporters.

6.Evidence Based Management of Terror: You cannot appease fact and evidence!

Frazer said the United States had intelligence that backed up the U.N. report.

"We are still in the process of collecting that data and ... it's an opportunity -- before they are put on the state sponsors list -- for them to change their behavior," she said.

7. A terrorist and a virus can not have win-win relations! it is always lose-lose!

U.S.-Eritrean relations have long been strained.

The United States earlier this month decided to close the Eritrean consulate in Oakland, California, to demonstrate its unhappiness both over Somalia and over Eritrea's treatment of U.S. diplomats in Asmara.

8. Breaking the Diplomatic Code to penetrate the US Intelligence!

The United States says Eritrea has insisted on inspecting its diplomatic pouches and refused visas for U.S. diplomats, making it difficult for the United States to provide consular services in Eritrea.

9. Restraint is considered weakness by terrorists! Speak their language!

"We have tried our best to act with restraint with Eritrea," Frazer told reporters. "What we cannot tolerate is their support for terror activity, particularly in Somalia.

10. Closing one tiny consulate is not enough! Pre-emptive action in Asmara is needed!

"Closing their consulate is a major signal to the government of our seriousness in terms of the activities that they are carrying out in Somalia," she said.

11. Terrorists think indicisiveness as a great weakness they can manuvere!

However, she suggested the United States did not wish to sever diplomatic ties, saying, "We are not trying to move toward a fundamental break in our relationship."

12. You catch a terrorist and it cries stupid and rediculous!

Eritrea: how to lose friends and influence people
Radio Netherlands
Aug 15, 2007

Eritrea is having to defend itself against a series of accusations from critics who make it out to be a rogue state. The African country is accused of attempted assassinations, covert arms smuggling, and plotting terrorist acts - all of which its government denies.

13. The acusation is based on facts and not fantasy!

The US government also accuses Eritrea of obstructing the work of its embassy in the capital, Asmara. It says it has now given the African nation 90 days to close its own consulate in California.

14. Ethiopia has been catching the terrorist red handed over and over again!

The latest accusations, however, come from Eritrea's neighbour and archenemy, Ethiopia.

"Stupid and ridiculous"

The Ethiopians claim to have foiled an attempt by Eritrean-backed insurgents who were allegedly planning to assassinate government officials and cause explosions.

15. A terrorist cannot explain away as fantasy the facts!

Eritrea's information minister, speaking to Reuters news agency, did not mince his words in rejecting the accusations. "I do not want to make a comment on everyday stupid and ridiculous statements from that regime," he said.

16. The US and UN Monitoring Group has indisputable facts! Moron terrorists!

The United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia has also been pointing the finger at Eritrea. In a recent report it describes how the east African state has breached the Somalian arms embargo through covert smuggling operations. It states that:

17. A stupid terrorist is caught over and over again!

"…the Government of Eritrea has made deliberate attempts to hide its activities and mislead the international community about its involvement."

18. Its covert operation are kindergarton type of hide and seek!

These attempts included the creation of fake business companies as a front for arms trading, and pretending that a shipment of arms was being flown to Uganda when it was actually going to the Somali capital.

19. Playing the "dangerous game" has a price and the time has come to act!

Eritrea was equally forthright in rejecting these accusations, referring to them as "continuous and deliberate subtle disinformation campaigns".

20. You cannot have patience with terorists as they need to suceed only once!

Is the international community running out of patience with Eritrea, which is one of the world's most authoritarian regimes? According to Habtom Yohannes, an Eritrean journalist working for Dutch media, Eritrea can afford to take risks:

21. It is not a game the mafia leader is mad!

"It is very, very difficult for the international community to take action against Eritrea, because the present regime in Asmara, Eritrea (of President Isaias Afewerki) is playing a very, very bad but smart game. [The president] is portraying himself as a kind of peace-broker in the region. He is telling the international community, 'you need me if you want peace'."

22. Ethiopia and US can make it impossible for the terrorists to survive!

According to Mr Yohannes, Eritrea's actions have a central purpose: making things difficult for its chief rival, Ethiopia. Eritrea is still angry about an unresolved border dispute with its southern neighbour; a dispute which was submitted to the United Nations for resolution in 2001.

23. There is no dispute, Eritrea belongs to Ethiopia!

The twist in the tale

It is not hard to conclude from the string of accusations mentioned above that Eritrea - which has no independent media, and no democratic elections - is the villain of the piece. Yet the curious twist in the tale is that, at least when it comes to the border dispute with Ethiopia, Eritrea is in the right.

24. The Terrorists have shown that they cannot survive leave alone govern themselves!

In 2003 the UN boundary commission ruled that the disputed border town of Badme lies in Eritrea, but Ethiopia has always refused to accept this. So far, the international community has not been able to persuade the Ethiopians to accept the ruling.

25. The terrorists have always been pariah, it was the West that was fooled!

Eritrea's recent actions seem to confirm its 'pariah' status - but there can be no denying that its long-held grievance over the disputed border with Eritrea is, at least, a real one.

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