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Millennial Opportunities: Creatiing Global Quality Standards and Consumer Reports

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Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of Ethiopia.

Eqnu le-8th Millennium Tatachihu!

Jewels for your 8th Millennium- Kidus Yohannes (St Johns 8th Millennium)

Consider Project of the Millennium: an Independent "Global Consumer Report System"

I am writing to alert you that we are living in a global economy and cultural diversity. This global economy demands global standards and consumer reports distribution network.

Globalization is demanding global standards.

What happens in China, Netherlands and the US is heard within seconds all over the world. In effect, globalization is here to stay and we need to have standards that can be applicable any where in the world like the digital technology productis.

The Chinese CEO of these defective toys and products has committed suicide, but the toys are still alive and well! It is sad that poor competence results in suicides, instead of changing the system for improved quality control.

The Ethiopian culture and civilization has its own ways of dealing with such challenges from time immomerial. It is time to update it in the new Millennium within the context of global good governance and uniform standards.

When a bad product reaches the market, the public ask about its quality from their neighbors? They seek personal tetimony from neighbors who have purchased and used these products. Today, the Global Multi-Media are those neighbors who provide the Consumer Report.

In the Global Village construct, the Reuters, The CNN, BBC, VoA, ETV and the cyber world has provided the testimony to those who can access these outlets. The question is how do we ensure that all the global 6.5 billion people and the 80 million Ethiopian people have access to these standard international products or information. Equity, access, efficiency and effectiveness are the challenges of the time.

With the advent of wirless communcation, I am sure the Ethiopian public and authorities are aware of the problem. The issue is can the consumer act early enough before the damage is done?

The question we should ask is how do we ensure in future that we have mechanism for checking for quality products, ideas, services and innovations, etc. In the west, and especially here in North America, there is a group that produces "Annual Consumer Report" that deals with almost all products with appropriate rating system.

Ethiopians do not need to re-invent the wheel and waste resources. They just need to translate them into local languages and make them available at price the public can afford.

Perhaps Addis Ababa University Alumni can provide a "Global Consumer Report" for all products, services including political parties, civil organizations, religious institutiions, etc.

There are charlatans in almost every field and we need to have "Global Quality Standards" institution that provides accurate information.

Remember: The Election 2005 and its aftermath?

The real reason was and continues to be the lack of independent Quality Audit Report that can verify the claims and counter-claims of the contending parties, be it product dealers or political dealers, etc.

Problems can arise from all corners, it is alwyas about good governance, transparency, accountability and quality standards etc, be it the recent fiaso of the Chinese Toys or Election 2005, and Dire Dawa Floods or Ogaden Oil Field Terror, or Aider School Massacre or the Red, White and Orange Terror, etc.

If we take the analogy of the Chinese Lead Pollution to our cultural and political life in Ethiopia, some of the political parties in 2005 were polluted with lots of lead and other toxic products which were thrown out in the streets of Mercato, that claimed the buses, taxis, properties and eventually the lives and liberty of people to the tune of 30,000. I am talking about the highly controversial street insurrectios that were called by some quarters and the resultant lose of life and property and eventual liberty of the populous which continues to overshadow our Millennial Enqutatash Celebrations.

What was the main reason? The political dealers told ralies of millions in Addis they won, even before the votes were counted. That was poor politics like the Chines Toys! The politicians were so sure about their products, that is the votes in their favour, etc. they would not accpet any body's counting or declarations, otherwise. They should have said we will wait for the people's verdict to be counted and reported. Instead they declared victory. How can two parties both win at the same time?

The funniest thing was no body asked them this?

So, we had the Fatal Orange Revolution and the Kaliti consciousness that will be the Greatest lesson of the Millennium.

So, I ask the distinguished alumni of Addis Ababa University, to consider to start considering establishing an independent and competent "Global Consumer Report" System, that audits the quality of information, products and governance, etc.

The current sereies of success with Elders' Council, should be replicated in all areas of our lives where competence, widom, and expertise rules instead of inicompetence, revolution, violence and all sorts of chidish transactions at all levels of our societies. Let competence and quality rule our lives is the message.

Ethiopia can be the first country to have such a Global Multi-Faceted Quality Consumer Report" that addresses the different areas of our personal, social and community governnance.

Please take on the challenge, you might make some money from it too! Here is your chance to give a gift to the world by converting our challenges into opprotunities.

with Regards

Wishing you a blessed Enqu le 8th Millennium and Kidus Yohannes for all!

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity

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