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Millennial Opportunities: Creating Global Diaspora Millennial Elder's Council for Good Governance

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-

Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of Ethiopia at home and in Diaspora

Re: The need to establish a Millennial Diaspora Elder's Council for Good Governance

The Millennium Celebration is a unique time in history to honor the past, evaluate the present and charter a better future for security, peace and prosperity.

As such the Diaspora has proven to be a critical mass of resources that can charter a better future. Currently the Diaspora Group by and large has the largest proportion of highly educated and resourceful members of the community, most educated and supported by the Noble Ethiopian Citizens who continue to look up to them for leadership and technical support and economic resources.

The real question is what is the Diaspora contributing to the Millennial Renaissance?

The latest series of events during the Millennial Celebrations have proven the fact that, if the Diaspora is enlightened, organized, focused and is prepared; it can provide the needed engine for change in the right direction towards Good Governance. The key needed resources technical and fiscal tools for the 4Es (Education, Ecology, Economy and Energy) output in the country and the continent at large.

The following is a response to a highly organized group that is setting up Bylaws for Diaspora Movement and some of my own observation and contribution in terms of direction and purpose of the Diaspora Millennial Renaissance Movement.

The Diaspora movement for Good Governance is impressive. I see the development of a "Diaspora Elders' Council for Good Governance" in the making.

This hopefully will mean, the Diaspora will be loyal to the people and the country and the region in general and not take sides.

The minute you make the Diaspora just a potential "Political Bank" for all upstart politicians then, we are not part of the solution.

I believe the bylaws and all the organizing effort should be to encourage and support "Good Governance' in Ethiopia, regardless who is likely to be in power. Our commitment should be towards development where there is a fair and transparent, accountable system that respects the rights and responsibilities of each individual regardless of his or her linguistic, cultural, regional and ethnic background, etc.

As to the recent political development since 2005, I commend the overall desire of the Diaspora to seek fairness and good governance evolve in the country and region. However, the recent developments post the "Great Millennial Pardon" of the Diaspora and so called Pardonees is rather disappointing.

If their mission is to say thank you to the Diaspora as they say, saying thank you does not need to have factions and such level of disparaging and disappointing conflictual relationship. So, your Diaspora Secretariat should convert itself into a "Diaspora Elder's Council" that provides wisdom, advise, guidance and support whenever pardonees with "Post Traumatic Stress Disorder" (PTSD) are attempting to "rehabilitate" themselves in civil societies.

Remember: These pardonees have been in prison in isolation for over 20 months and require some time to rehabilitate. Just observing their response on how they assumed they were released is a very telling experience for those with acute sense of awareness of identifying the signs and symptoms of PTSD:

Here is a good example of the signs and symptoms of PTSD:

Question: Why did you sign the "Pardon Agreement?"

Pardonee #1: "We signed the pardon paper under duress"; " I signed it to protect those mothers who dellivered in prison"; etc.

Pardonee #2. " We signed the pardon paper under the positive influence of the Western powers"

Padrdonee #3. " We signed the pardon, because the Ethiopian Elder's Council encouraged us for a win-win resolution towards reconciliation and potential positive future"

Their inability to raise the phone and call each other about their planned movements among the Diaspora still shows their "semblance of hostage" mentality. The prison has changed from Kaliti to that of KIL and KIC hostage takers. This has to change!

I am sure each one will give a different answer for the simple question, and the most obvious and well broadcast documented action. I will not suggest to ask the same question the overall Diaspora Group nor the KIL and KIC group as we will get millions of variables which will be a good source of research on effective modern communication. Perhaps, even the Diaspora is still suffering some level of PTSD depending on how long the stressful event took place for each Diaspora.

It is critical to differentiate PTSD and Survival of the Fitest constructs as many believe PTSD is part of the now more or less surpassed concept of Darwin's Survival of the Fittest by the more enlightened "Common sense of shared survival" instead of self destruction.

Now, to expect leadership on a matter that the Diaspora has been reeling with ....that is good governance; i.e. transparency and accountability from KIL and KIC, where active
intentional deceptive activities have been undertaken by political criminals in the Diaspora is seeking the wrong medicine from the wrong person.

First, let us look after these pardonees through the process of PTSD therapies and rehabilitate them. Create a Diaspora Task Force to demand basic organizational training on leadership processes. Here are some questions that is helpful towards "Millennial Diaspora Elder's Council and its projects.

1. Vision. What does the Diaspora want to see in Ethiopia by say 2020? What is the best thing that the Diaspora can do to improve the image of Ethiopia and to generate partners for security, good governance and prosperity" with its link to the outside world?

Mission: What is the specific mission of the Diaspora for "Good Governance, Development, Security, Prosperity" etc. and soliciting win-win partners for Ethiopia abroad.

Goal: How Does the Diaspora perceive they can add value to the progress being made in the Ethiopia: Skills, Talent, Resources, Connections and Quality control or Audit, etc.

Strategy: Win-win Partnership for Positive outcome (Focus on Education, Ecology, Economy and Energy) the 4Es that are critical for all emerging nations in the globalized world.

Objective: SMART: Specific, Measurable, Appropriate, Realistic, Time Sensitive
Activities: Organize Competent Organizations and Chapters

Results: Provide proactive measurable outcome based activities.

Review: Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly Review of Progress of each chapter towards projected goals. Audit, Quality Control

Reports: Quantitative and Qualitative research with appropriate productivity reports.

I have never seen reports published by any one of the Diaspora Organization with appropriate results and outcomes, Never!

We lack a lot on strategies and operational skills. Let us seek guidance from the professionals on productivity and organizational leadership.

I sincerely believe our problems is not bylaws, constitution, yet another set of new organizations either.

The problem is the elusive"Good Governance' that is transparency and accountability and the desire to learn from mistakes and charter a new vision and approach to our communal activities.

I trust, you get my twist and hope you will taken on the challenge and start by making the zillions of organizations accountable to their respective stake holders.

Every Saturday, as part of my "Regular Meet the People Tour" , I survey our respective communities here in the Diaspora by visiting their physical environments, and then review the Web sites, paltalk and chat rooms and radio networks including the Television Broadcast from Ethiopia .

At the end of the day, I try to write my experience in my journal and some time blog it at, when I feel others should be aware of my findings instantly, and the constant question, I am left with the understanding that it appears that there is no meaningful organized presentation of our communities' efforts in a marketable format, and there seems to be no accountability or desire to project a functioning outcome based activity by any one. This continues to amaze me as we are living in a highly organized, marketing oriented society.

The only meaning ful product, I see is the entertainment industry of films, music and party advertisement that tell me what, who, how, when, why, where and at times I try to participate.

There is no qualitative and quantitative research based report at any time. I tried to survey the recent Millennial Activity reports and still I do not see ground breaking first hand research based report. A lot of opinion and most it not corroborated with facts. In fact, some of it is so funny, that the disinformation campaign is so elementary.

I wonder how we can continue as a society to continue to make judgement without evidence based research and audit.

So, I request your efforts to include some level of audit, transparency and accountability to stakeholders.

I trust your "Bylaws" include a statement that the Diaspora will not favour any one specific contending political parties but will encourage all political parties to be transparent and accountable first to their own constituencies at home and not necessary to the marginal vocal diaspora alone. That our focus is to promote Good Governance

I trust we will have a Diaspora Institution that is first accountable to the Diaspora and then to the other stakeholders.

The Millennium Renaissance Movement demands that we need to be Enlightened, Organized and Prepared to succeed. Readiness for success demands the opportunity of creating a learning institution that changes with time and creates opportunities all the time.

It is time to remember the past, evaluate the present and organize the future.

with regards and appreciation of all your effort's.

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
For details see
The Bylaws are drafted to serve as a model for any democratically
functioning Diaspora Ethiopian movement. For example to serve the purposes
of Kinijit North America support group substitute DED by KNA, for Kinijit
Japan substitute DED by KJ, etc.

Bylaws of Diaspora Ethiopian Democracy Supporters

Section 6. Secretariat.
6.1. Definition. The Secretariat is the permanent office of the DED. Whereas many branches of the DED may be headed by officers that may serve for a couple of years, the Scribe, who manages the Secretariat, shall be appointed by the DEDE and may serve for eight years. The Scribe may be replaced only by a two third majority vote of the general assembly. Other staff members of the Secretariat shall be appointed by the Scribe of the Secretariat (SS) after gaining approval from DED executive. The DED shall pay salaries to personnel of the Secretariat and also pay for rent or purchase of offices and office supplies for the Secretariat.

6.2. Function. The Secretariat archives all dossier and documents of the DED. It is a repository of all correspondences between the DED and its various branches and between the DED and other agencies. It monitors all websites, radios, TV’s that are run by the DED, and keeps a record of copies of such public displays of the DED. The Secretariat is answerable to the DED executive.

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