Friday, August 13, 2010

Announcing the Global Patriotic Network- Promoting character, leadership & integrity across the globe!

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-

Our Passion is to reach our individual & collective potential for excellence & success-always!

Global Patriotic Network

Character, Leadership & Integrity:  Protecting, Preserving and Promoting  the Global  Patriotic Future for the next generation 
The Global Patriotic Network is a public and private enterprise dedicated to protecting, preserving and promoting a Global Patriotic Future for the next generation across the globe.

Our Passion
·         To protect and preserve and promote a Global Patriotic  Future for the next generation

Our Value
·         Character, leadership and integrity (CIL)  that promotes a sustainable secure future, based on good governance and aspiring for a progressive prosperity for all

Our Vision
·         To galvanize and visualize  all Global Citizens towards sustainable security, good governance and progressive prosperity for all
Our Mission
·         To organize a series of win-win public-private enterprises dedicated to nurture patriotism, character, leadership and integrity among all citizens of the globe
Our Strategic Goal

·         To initiate a series of public and private networks of patriotism that promotes character, leadership and integrity at individual and collective social and economic life across all cultures and professional groups.

Our SMART Objectives

Specific:       Promote character, leadership and integrity at individual and collective level across all communities regardless of age, gender, culture, color, race, nationality, religious and political affiliations

Measurable:  Promote all activities against Qualitative and Quantitative tools the measure progress over time

Appropriate: Ensure that all activities are appropriate to the cultural diversity of communities at individual and collective level

Realistic: Develop realistic goals and targets that respect the resources and potential of each community at individual and collective level

Time Sensitive:  Ensure that each activity is delivered in a specific time frame, within the talents and resources available to each partner  in their own respective individual and collective communities.

Global Patriotic Network will be headquartered in Washington, DC with global public and private networks both at the cyber and geographical domains without borders

Your creative and innovative response is appreciated.

                                                                                           BFMHJ (BMJ)
                                                                                   Belai Habte-Jesus,MD,MPH
                                                                                  Global Strategic Enterprises,Inc
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