Thursday, August 12, 2010

The new Africa-China Partnership for Food Security and Prosperity!

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Re: China-Africa Agricultural Forum for Food Security and Productivity and wealth creation

It appears that Africa and China are exploring opportunities for an agricultural fora to promote food security and productivity for wealth creation.

After almost 400 years of Colonialism and another 50 years of the same old Africa-Europe one sided partnership, now Africa is able to look around for friends who can be partners for food security and sustainable development towards prosperity.

The recent Bastile Day parade of Africans at the French Capitol, France was a grim reminder of the Roman Parade that Africans (Lybians and Eritreans and Somalis) did some 70 years ago, when Musolloni paraded them as his tool for invading Free Ethiopia.

Now the French and British leaders have not come up with any thing different to the last 50 years of African retrogression into the middle ages.  

It seems China is a different leader of the 21st Century, where road, bridges, and dams and hydro-electric and communication technology is being built in Africa./

Can this be another new venture to dis-empower Africa or a genuine effort of partnership towards win-win development based on sustainable education, clean energy, green ecology, innovative enterprises and developmental economic transformation towards prosperity.

Africans should be in charge of their destiny and lead their people towards sustainable prosperity.  The partnership with the Great People of 1.5 Billion Chinese might be a step forward to the 1 Billion People of African descent.

Let us examine what this new partnership is and who the beneficiaries are and what is the SMART objective of this partnership.

Please read on the new Africa-China Partnership!


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Thursday, 12 August 2010
 Addis Ababa, August 12 (WIC) - With a common mission of tackling food safety issues and developing sustainable agriculture, China and Africa should take it as their duty to promote cooperation in agriculture, said Wang Jiarui, China's minister of the CPC Central Committee's International Department, at the China-Africa Agricultural Forum Wednesday in Beijing.
The forum is an ideal platform for both sides to discuss opportunities for cooperation, ways to exchange information and technology and possible projects, he added.

According to China. Org. cn, as of 2009, China has invested more than 134 million USD in Africa, and in that year, the trade volume between the two reached 2.8 billion USD.

Since 2004, China has sent more than 900 agricultural experts and technicians to Africa to train 4,200 agricultural management officials and technicians, while constructing 14 demonstration centers for agricultural technology there. Niu Dun, China's vice minister of agriculture, said the project will be further expanded within the next three years.

African countries have grassland and rich resources for fisheries, but they lack funds and infrastructure, Niu said. China can help them tap their natural resources and achieve self-development.

According to Niu, Ministry of Agriculture has signed agreements with 14 African countries, including Ethiopia, Guinea and Tanzania, on agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery.

Attending the two-day forum were about 350 representatives from various political parties, government departments and businesses of China and 20 African countries.

A series of agreements on agricultural cooperation are expected to be signed during the forum.

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