Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why are we supporting Corruption at Wall Street that is sinking the Global Economy? Does scapegoating/blaming Ethiopia help?

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  1. Ethiopia is best model in cultural tolerance, peaceful coexistence: Ministry
    Friday, 12 November 2010

    Addis Ababa, November 12 (WIC) –The Ministry of Federal Affairs said that Ethiopia can be a best model for the rest of the world in promoting cultural tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

    Federal Affairs Minister, Dr. Shiferaw Tekelemariam, said that the rest of the world can learn a lot from Ethiopia’s experience of intercultural and interreligious peaceful coexistence.

    Dr. Shiferaw was speaking at a seminar on “Religious Tolerance, Traditional Conflict Resolution, and Federalism: Contribution of Ethiopia to the Alliance of Civilizations” which was opened yesterday at the UN Conference Center.

    He said Ethiopia is a composite of more than 80 ethnic groups with various religions and a land where different religions have been living side by side in harmony for centuries.

    Speaker of the House of Federation (HoF), Kassa Tekleberhan, on his part said that Ethiopia is a home of 80 million multi-cultural people living peacefully.

    The seminar would help share experience of Inter-ethnic stability, which is outstanding in Ethiopia.

    Special Advisor of the Prime Minister with the Rank of a Minister, Dr. Fasil Nahom, on his part said Ethiopia is known as an ancient common home of Indaism, Christianity and Islam that have lived together in harmony and tolerance for a prolonged period.

    He said Ethiopia considers the alliances of civilizations as the most important global initiatives of our time and fully supports its objectives.

    According to the advisor, durable peace and prosperity can be secured only through a continuous process of dialogue among different views and interests which Ethiopia understands and advocates well.

    President of Justice for All and Prison Fellowship Ethiopia, Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie said, “The people of Ethiopia has been denouncing local and foreign extremists who do want to destabilize peace so far with one voice and this is a clear indication of their peace loving culture and we will continue to spread to the world.”
    Ambassador Xavier Marchal, Head of the Delegation of the European Union, said the EU is keen to support Ethiopian efforts to build a balanced society which respects the individual with his specificities.

    Spanish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Antonio Sanchez-Benedito Gaspak said that Ethiopia is a country with so many communities, both cultural and religious, that constitutes a successful model of living together.

    He added such a commendable model is necessarily meant to become an example of coexistence for the rest of the world, and very especially for a region like the Horn of Africa.

    Ethiopia joined the alliance of civilizations in November 2008 and has participated in various meeting.

    The Alliance of Civilization (AoC) was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations. It has 127 member states, including Ethiopia.
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