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Why are we supporting Corruption at Wall Street that is sinking the Global Economy? Does scapegoating/blaming Ethiopia help?

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-

Dear Patriotic Global Citizens, Friends of African Union and Greater Ethiopia Without Borders

Re:  Fixing the Wall Street Speculators and Toxic Asset Managers (IV League MBAs) ,  who are sinking the Global Economy and Global Ecology to the detriment of our collective security, good governance and prosperity for our future global generation.

I am so fed up with the notion of lets us take our country back mantra! and stop flushing down the future of our children! only when it impacts the interests of the Wall Street parents who do not pay taxes nor respect any global financial regulations!  Oh ! yes they can create and pay for the TEA party who then write the script for all politicians who will allow Wall Street to continue to sink the economy!

I read with interest the following article about Ethiopia and Global support to its 85 million people, that I believe is misguided at best and dangerous at worst.  Just imagine when you have a big elephant called "Wall Street Speculators" that is sinking the global economy in trillions ; and we have these fools at Human Rights and Genocide Watch worried about some minuscule amount spent to assist the survival of 85 million people victims of the Global Climate Change due to unregulated pollution of both ecological and economic toxic assets  for the past 100 years by the so called advanced or industrialized nations is highly sensational if not criminal.

Why not take the courage and blame Ethiopia and Africans for Sinking the Global Economy and Ecology instead?  Three ($3 ) Billions that we spend on 85 Millions is nothing compared to the Trillions we sink every day!  Then, the trillions we spent on the US and EU economy, the $10 Billion annually on Israel and $4 Billion on Egypt without transparency and accountability protocol is even more funny.

So let us do qualitative and quantitative evaluation of this article.

Qualitative analysis: Maintaining the interests and wellbeing of 7 Billion People.  Value for money, Vision, Mission, Goals:  Sustainable Development and collective prosperity and Good Governance.

By all stretch of imagination, the article does not promote the global security, good governance and the Global 7 Billion stakeholder's prosperity.  By the way, who are these 7 Billion people?  Do they really count?  Are they represented by any institution?  The UN, G20, IMF and World Bank?  Oh! No, they just do not count. Only when we want to call them barbaric and genocidal like the recent Genocide Watch Dog and Wall Street Human Right Watch group?

What we see William Easterly trying to do is just an attempt to blame a poor set of 85 million people who are victims of 100 years of polluting industrialization, that have been victims for the past 40 years.  Who is calling Barbarians whom is the real question.

The last time we read the word Barbarians was in the Book "Race to Fashoda"; by David Levering Lewis a Pulitzer Prize-winning Author of WEB Du Bois Biography of a Race, 1868-1919; the account of European Colonialism and African Resistance; where the Abyssinian  (present day Ethiopians) were referred to as Barbarians;  by the then Roman PM Crispi,  when he planned to invade Ethiopia and was summarily defeated by Emperor Menilik of Ethiopia in 1896, just years after the Berlin Conference of 1855 that initiated the African Genocide!

The second time this heinous word was used, is some 40 years later  in 1935,  when the Fascist Mussolini had the Catholic Pope by his side,  and declared war on Ethiopia, which he called a war  against a barbaric nation, he wanted to assist into civilization after decimating them with a "Poison Gas" that was outlawed by the League of Nations.    The Catholic Pope, who perhaps did not know God nor any form of Divinity,  blessed the criminal troops.  The  blessing was so successful that  Roman women threw their wedding rings into a basket to support this  genocidal Barbaric effort, where Illegal Poison Gas was used to be sprayed on Ethiopians (the plant, animals and humans). To date these criminals have not paid for this genocide and the DC 14th Street Holocaust Museum does not include Ethiopian Patriots of the Second World War.  Now the European Union is encouraging another set of Genocidal group, that are claiming and promoting the new story of barbarism in 2010.

Since then, Ethiopia has participated on both the League of Nations and United Nations and has sent its patriotic citizens to assist the Allied Powers of Second World War, the Korean War, the Congo War and more recently the series of African Wars (Biafra, Nigeria, Rwanda, Burundi, Sudan, Darfur, etc along side the Allied forces.

When the Allied forces built the homes of their enemies in Europe and Asia (Germany and Japan) with the Marshal Plan, Ethiopia which was an ally was never built back and was left to fend for itself.

Now, in 2010, in Washington DC., a certain American of Genocide Watch declares that Ethiopia is a barbaric nation and the West should undertake another set of genocide like it did in 1896 and 1935 by calling Ethiopians Barbarians.

Here comes the Human Rights Watch Goons that cannot differentiate the basic elements of human rights as defined :  Marlow's Hierarchies of Need: Food, Cloth and Shelter; and the ability of citizens to insult their assumed opponents as barbaric and genociders like this Genocide Watcher declares and the recent EU report on the 2005 elections.

Some where some thing is amis, when the New York based publisher puts up such an article.

For the record:  The US is being bailed out with Trillions of Dollars, Greece with $30 Billion, Ireland with$30 Billion, Israel with $10 Billion Per year and Egypt with $4 Billion per year and no one seems to be bothered what is happening to these nations and their track record in good governance.

The Ethiopian people have governed themselves for over 7,500 years with Divine+Human Constitutions referred to as the Glory of Kings (Kibre Negest) and Justice of Kings (Fitha Negest), etc and is the only independent nation that has never been colonized regardless of the Catholic Pope Blessings of the 1935 Genocide on its people.

Surely, with such impressive MDG records, and accelerated economic growth, Ethiopia needs all the friends it can get be it the West and East, the current pittance of $3 Billion need to be raised to $3 Trillion and hopefully the Chinese and the US can lead on such effort.

Please leave Ethiopia alone and worry about the Wall Street Toxic Assets and Corruption of the worst kind in the universe that is the real cause of the global Economic Crisis and Economic Crisis.

Let us focus on investing in Ethiopia and stop these foolishness of Genocide and Barbarism, that has nothing to do with Ethiopia but Europe of the past 100 years as the latest book of Civilization and Barbarism of Bernard Wasserstein ISBN 13: 9780198730743; Oxford University Presss testifies.

All the same please read below and share your perspective

The Lion of Judah Prevails (Rev:5:5; Gen 49; I Kings 10)

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH


Ethiopia is best model in cultural tolerance, peaceful coexistence: Ministry
Friday, 12 November 2010
 Addis Ababa, November 12 (WIC) –The Ministry of Federal Affairs said that Ethiopia can be a best model for the rest of the world in promoting cultural tolerance and peaceful coexistence.

Federal Affairs Minister, Dr. Shiferaw Tekelemariam, said that the rest of the world can learn a lot from Ethiopia’s experience of intercultural and interreligious peaceful coexistence.

Dr. Shiferaw was speaking at a seminar on “Religious Tolerance, Traditional Conflict Resolution, and Federalism: Contribution of Ethiopia to the Alliance of Civilizations” which was opened yesterday at the UN Conference Center.

He said Ethiopia is a composite of more than 80 ethnic groups with various religions and a land where different religions have been living side by side in harmony for centuries.

Speaker of the House of Federation (HoF), Kassa Tekleberhan, on his part said that Ethiopia is a home of 80 million multi-cultural people living peacefully.

The seminar would help share experience of Inter-ethnic stability, which is outstanding in Ethiopia.

Special Advisor of the Prime Minister with the Rank of a Minister, Dr.Fasil Nahom, on his part said Ethiopia is known as an ancient common home of Indaism, Christianity and Islam that have lived together in harmony and tolerance for a prolonged period.

He said Ethiopia considers the alliances of civilizations as the most important global initiatives of our time and fully supports its objectives.

According to the advisor, durable peace and prosperity can be secured only through a continuous process of dialogue among different views and interests which Ethiopia understands and advocates well.

President of Justice for All and Prison Fellowship Ethiopia, Pastor Daniel Gebreselassie said, “The people of Ethiopia has been denouncing local and foreign extremists who do want to destabilize peace so far with one voice and this is a clear indication of their peace loving culture and we will continue to spread to the world.”
Ambassador Xavier Marchal, Head of the Delegation of the European Union, said the EU is keen to support Ethiopian efforts to build a balanced society which respects the individual with his specificities.
Spanish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Antonio Sanchez-Benedito Gaspak said that Ethiopia is a country with so many communities, both cultural and religious, that constitutes a successful model of living together.

He added such a commendable model is necessarily meant to become an example of coexistence for the rest of the world, and very especially for a region like the Horn of Africa.

Ethiopia joined the alliance of civilizations in November 2008 and has participated in various meeting.

The Alliance of Civilization (AoC) was established in 2005, at the initiative of the Governments of Spain and Turkey, under the auspices of the United Nations. It has 127 member states, including Ethiopia.
Last Updated ( Saturday, 13 November 2010 )


Why Are We Supporting Repression in Ethiopia?

William Easterly and Laura Freschi

Farmer Makaba Wasu planting a grain crop. He lost part of his one hectare field due to river erosion. Jaffa Village, Wolayita Zone, Ethiopia, August 19, 2008
Foreign aid observers have often worried that Western aid to Africa is propping up autocratic regimes. Yet seldom has such a direct link from aid to political repression been demonstrated as in “Development without Freedom,” anextensively documented new report on Ethiopia by Human Rights Watch. Based on interviews with 200 people in 53 villages and cities throughout the country, the report concludes that the Ethiopian government, headed by prime minister Meles Zenawi, uses aid as a political weapon to discriminate against non-party members and punish dissenters, sending the population the draconian message that “survival depends on political loyalty to the state and the ruling party.”
Ethiopia is Africa’s largest recipient of foreign aid (at $3.3 billion in 2008 and rising), and is frequently described as a country where western assistance is providing a safety net for the poor and laying the groundwork for country-wide economic growth. Donors working in Ethiopia, citing progress on six out of the eight Millennium Development Goals, claim that aid has “had a significant impact on improving the lives of the poorest families.” A predominantly Christian country bordering two unstable Islamic states (Somalia, and Sudan), Ethiopia is also seen as a crucial ally in the “war on terror.”
Yet Human Rights Watch contends that the government abuses aid funds for political purposes—in programs intended to help Ethiopia’s most poor and vulnerable. For example, more than fifty farmers in three different regions said that village leaders withheld government-provided seeds and fertilizer, and even micro-loans because they didn’t belong to the ruling party; some were asked to renounce their views and join the party to receive assistance. Investigating one program that gives food and cash in exchange for work on public projects, the report documents farmers who have never been paid for their work and entire families who have been barred from participating because they were thought to belong to the opposition. Still more chilling, local officials have been denying emergency food aid to women, children, and the elderly as punishment for refusing to join the party.
Nor should any of this come as a surprise. Meles has for many years managed to charm and win the trust of Western leaders even as his government becomes increasingly repressive. As Helen Epstein recently reported in the New York Review, “countless journalists, editors, judges, academics, and human rights defenders have fled the country or languish behind bars, at risk of torture. New laws passed in 2005 have made political activity more difficult than ever.”
Indeed, many aid officials interviewed in the Human Rights Watch report admit that they were aware of these abuses. As one western donor official said, “Every tool at [the government’s] disposal—fertilizer, loans, safety net—is being used to crush the opposition. We know this.” Yet the umbrella group representing 26 donors in Ethiopia (the Donors Assistance Group, or DAG), suggests that aid agencies intend to continue more or less with business as usual. Their overall response has been to reject the conclusions of the Human Rights Watch report, noting that, in their own research, they have not found “any evidence of systematic or widespread distortion.”
study of aid recipients over the past three decades shows that the failure of western aid donors to separate themselves from autocratic rulers is not confined to Ethiopia—or even to Africa. In fact, despite growing awareness in the aid community of how foreign development support has sustained anti-democratic regimes, little has changed: dictators continue to receive a third of all international aid expenditures, and much of the remaining portion goes to countries that are only “partly free.”
One reason for this inertia is a genuine concern for the poor, hungry and sick who might suffer or die if the government stopped providing vital social services as a result of aid cuts. Another, less sympathetic, reason is that aid agencies literally exist to give aid; organizational incentives push aid bureaucrats to keep the money flowing, to keep their field offices open, and secure their own jobs.
In the case of Ethiopia, a violent government crackdown on the opposition that left 200 dead in 2005 embarrassed the donor community into an unusually frank reconsideration of their strategy. Until that point, many donors had been giving aid through the mechanism known as “direct budget support,” in which money goes directly into the federal government’s budget (as opposed to, say, going to specific projects to improve public services). Seemingly alarmed by the Ethiopian government’s repressive turn, the World Bank in 2006 resolved to “move away” from this system by channeling aid through local government instead, in order to protect its funding from “political capture.” It also said it would decrease aid to Ethiopia if governance did not improve.
But these threats have proved empty. Even before the Human Rights Watch report came out, observers had pointed out how hollow the World Bank’s move was, since local governments are also under control of the ruling party. And now, donors have been reversing even this feeble step, arguing for a quick return to direct budget support. The donors cite illusory “progress in long-term institution-building and gradual improvements in governance.”
This blatant indifference to democratic values is particularly tragic since there are many ways the aid community might help Ethiopians rather than their rulers. First and foremost, donors could insist that investigations into aid abuse be credible, independent and free from government interference, and then cut off support to programs they find are being used as weapons against the opposition. They could speak out forcefully against recent legislation that smothers Ethiopian civil society. They could also seek to bypass the government altogether, channeling funds through NGOs instead, or giving direct transfers or scholarships to individuals.
As a last resort, if the government prevents all attempts by donors to reach beneficiaries, then aid to Ethiopia could be suspended altogether. An aid cutoff under these circumstances does not hurt the intended beneficiaries if aid was not reaching them in the first place. Above all, though, donors must recognize that the current status quo is unacceptable. For not only is foreign aid to Ethiopia not improving the lives of those most in need, by financing their oppressors, it is making them worse.
November 15, 2010 11:20 a.m.
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  • We some know that the West are doing this aid business for their own sake. Actually by keeping tyrants on power as much as they could, the west protect their interests. These aid groups (companies) are always working to promote the interest of their own nations. They finance tyrants when they subjugate to their demands, and throw them away when they refuse to buckle to their pressure or got damaged beyond a fix by internal feud or corruption so on. The paradox is that these companies don't exist without keeping poor nations on the same stand, or if possible poorer. So whatever they report, it is always a compromise between their fate of survival, and looking sincere and honest in the eyes of the fools.
  • Here in Africa I am tired of the noise about Aid, I think you will never be able to pay back for what you have done on Africans and for what you looted and still are looting Africa. The Aid noises have gone too far and I only hope and dream one day Africa will be able to say: thank you we don't need your aid.
  • The Ethiopians I talk to on a daily basis value the stability and economic growth seen in Ethiopia. This country was torn apart by civil war for twenty years before the EPRDF came to power. The previous socialist Derg government makes these guys look like cupcakes in comparison. Ethiopians only need to look at three of their neighbours to see what the alternative can look like; Sudan (Genocide) Eritrea (The North Korea of Africa) and Somalia (lawless basket-case for twenty years). That being said, things are not perfect in Ethiopia, and aid dollars are wasted or misused, of course. However, this is a case where engagement, not condemnation, is the correct diplomatic course. Ethiopia has already told the West that it will turn to China for everything tomorrow if the aid stops. We need to engage, talk, and work with the Ethiopian government, not call them barbarians and despots.
  • Samwise Gardner Today 11:54 AM
    The Holistic (with capital H) view of development urges donors to work on a all-encompassing plan and to make compromises in the process. if donors would see development more as a set of unrelated goals, they could search for the best partner for each of them. For health and education, this might be the government, while for food for work it might be the WFP or the private sector. For democracy, it would rather strengthen checks and balances.
  • So far - Eritrea is the only country in Africa that I know who refused to accept any kind of aid. The country and the leaders were blasted by many for saying No to aid and for trying to be self reliant.
    President of Eritrea said " aid creates crippled society". It is time to give some acklowledgement to the President of Eritrea and his stand on aid.

    Abuja, Nigeria
  • This is a very balanced and well reseached piece. It is nice to read such a piece.

    However, change will come only when the Ethiopian people demand it from this brutal regime by any means. The current regime has plans to rule Ethiopia until kingdom comes, to enich their tribes and friends not for the benefit of all Ethiopians.

    Meles and his cronies are like high way robbers, they want to loot and run into the province of Tigre eventually. These are smart people and they have figured everything out. That is why they don't care about what Ethiopians or foreigners say about them. If things got to hot for them, they will go to Tigre and nobody can touch them.

    Meles has all the plans and I don't think there is any foreigner or Ethiopians to out smart him, Unfortunately for Ethiopians and those who care for human rights, he is uncharacterically cruel and smat. That is why so brash, arrogant, and dismissive of any suggestion or complaints. He has no fear or does not give a damn about anybody, espeically starving Ethiopians. It is a game for him, like Barny Maddoff, and other crooks.

    He is uniquely different than other rulers in history, he is nationalist or communist, but a looter of a nation. No seccessionist has ever ending ruling a country that he was trying to break away. Meles did. So his mind set is still like a seccessionist, and his plan is still to loot and still secceede.

    Meles has no match in this.

  • The first major elect of Addis Ababa, Dr. Berhanu Nega, who never took office but thrown to jail after the 2005 election once said that westerners expose their deep seated racism by supporting the brutal dictatorships in Ethiopia and Africa. If this kind of regime existed in Europe, the outrage, condemnation and concrete action would come very fast.

    The oppositions, democratic and human rights activists, journalists etc in Ethiopia are not only fighting for their freedom against the Government but against the westerners who are the major and main obstacle to democracy in Ethiopia.

    If westerners can not support us in our fight for freedom and democracy why are they making our journey so difficult by supporting our enemy so massively. Please if you do not support us then leave us alone! You are fighting against us, we the people who long for freedom and democracy.
  • Prof. Easterly and Laura,

    Thanks a lot for the great article. Every thing you said is correct and true. The saddest part is every body seems to be concerned with their own self interest and the destiny of an ancient nation and that of its tens of millions of citizens is massively undermined if not ignored all together. It seems to me, the massive aid industry officials and diplomats of donor countries are a lot more worried about their high paying jobs and perk than executing the very same duty of making sure the aid that is sent from western tax payers is dolled out to the poor and marginalized. Countries like USA and UK who have a huge influence in helping fellow human beings meet their aspiration to a peaceful country and accountable governance are derelict in their duty at best or they seem to be colluding with blood socked tyrants.

    Zenawi is getting a lot more tyrant and barbaric by the day and the west seems to be comfortable in underwriting this barbarism.

    It is a sad reality!!
  • We might agree better if we change few 'words' that tend to hamper communication. Is the support given realy 'AID' in the right sense of the word (I mean genuinely intended for humanitarian or development related support)? Is the motive of the West true to these objectives? Is the current way of giving assistance to the developing countries the only option to support their development effort? How do we compare the interest of the West's to support Ethiopia with their antagonism against other repressive governments, particularly Mugabe's or Eritrea's government? Why the difference? How do the West treat poor (developing) countries in the international arena, international market and trade? It is better to deal with it at the root of the problem, the very foundation of the flawed and unjust relationship between the developed and developing world.
  • Haile afesse Today 03:28 AM
    Who knows? You might be right or wrong. Personally I think you are way out of line and I suspect you know it too. Whichever way you look at it, this is the best government we have, also for the forseeble future. If withholding foreign aid is the solution, what about the voice of the people then? Is this your definition of democracy, one that is created or transplanted by foreign aid, come rain come sunshine? Suppose there was no foreign aid or you managed to stop it, what would you then suggest to improve things? Raise doubts about weapons of mass destruction? Or just invade the country like someone did in Grenada and elsewhere? Colonization is too expensive a project and besides this particular
    country, Ethiopia, is notoriously recalcitrant when it comes to such unholy ambitions. What about a short and efficient war like in .....? Have you any idea of the consequences? Why not tell the truth or at least keep quiet because there is so much you fail to understand. The perfect administration of foreign aid is not the main question. The question is survival and saving the lives of millions. Does that ring a bell?
  • I'm glad to read very accurate and to the point in the Ethiopian situation at the moment and may be in the past many years. The aid organization (some of them) pretend every thing is perfect in Ethiopia and look the other way when they witness gov't abuse. It is very sad, but true. It seems to me some of the aid organization and the gov't of Ethiopia have some kind of deal or agreement. There is an excellent effort to make sure this gov't does not have a bad name like Mengistu when he was in power.

    It may be difficult to believe for many people in Zimbabwe, there is more freedom than in Ethiopia. In Zimbabwe the gov't share power with the opposition party. In Ethiopian forget about it. It won't happen with the current regime. Most media pretend democracy and human right in Ethiopian much better than in Zimbabwe. If aid is the solution for Ethiopia problems or challenges, by now the country would've been very rich. An accountable and true democracy gov't the way to go. Please look Sweden, Germany, USA or Canada all of them have an accountable gov't. Not a fake one like in Ethiopia. No democracy, no improvement!!

    You have done your job. Thank you!!
    Zane Kent from Canada!!
  • DAG Statement - Human Rights Watch (HRW) report: Development without Freedom – How Aid Underwrites Repression in Ethiopia
    Thursday, 21 October 2010

    The objective of development partners in Ethiopia is to provide assistance that supports effective development and poverty reduction and that reaches its intended beneficiaries. Respect for human rights is central to our work and to sustainable development. And some members of the DAG include human rights issues regularly in their dialogue with Government.

    The aid provided by members of the DAG in Ethiopia is transforming the lives of millions of poor people through basic services such as healthcare, education and water, and long-term food security. Our programmes are directly helping Ethiopia to reach the Millennium Development Goals.
    We take allegations of misuse of development assistance very seriously. That is why, even before the earlier HRW report, One Hundred Ways of Putting Pressure , the DAG commissioned an independent Aid Management and Utilisation Study in Ethiopia to examine the vulnerability of the programmes we support to possible misappropriation.

    We do not concur with the conclusions of the recent HRW report regarding widespread, systematic abuse of development aid in Ethiopia. Our study did not generate any evidence of systematic or widespread distortion. We, nonetheless, recognize that the programmes we support are not immune to the potential for aid misuse and have therefore included safeguard measures to address these risks. These measures include a range of rigorous checks such as regular financial audits, independent evaluations, independently-commissioned surveys and field monitoring visits to make sure our aid achieves the intended development results and its benefits reach those who need them.

    The DAG Aid Management and Utilization Study concluded that there are generally good accountability mechanisms and safeguards in place that provide checks on possible distortions. The study recommended, however, that safeguards could be further strengthened to include a greater focus on, for example, transparency and independent monitoring. Donors in Ethiopia are working jointly to strengthen programme-specific systems, in line with the study recommendations. And we will take forward a second stage of the DAG study to review further the effectiveness of accountability measures and safeguards on the ground and to cover other important donor-financed programmes. We believe that implementation of such measures will further reduce the potential for the type of misuses with which the HRW report was concerned.

    List of DAG members
    African Development Bank (AfDB)
    Austrian Embassy Development Cooperation
    Belgium Embassy
    Denmark Embassy
    European Commission
    Finland Embassy
    French Embassy
    German Embassy - German Development Cooperation
    Indian Embassy
    Irish Aid
    Italian Cooperation
    Japan Embassy
    Netherlands Embassy
    Norwegian Embassy
    Spain Embassy
    Turkish International Cooperation Agency
    World Bank
  • CraigSeattle1019 Yesterday 08:15 PM
    Ethiopia isn't a christian nation. It's around 50/50 or at best, 55/45 with a slight Christian majority. The stats the government puts out is to make it look like it's a predominantly Christian nation to tug at the hearts of western nations. Great article nonetheless! It's really sad that Ethiopia's tyrant gets a free ride from western press, while they enjoy demonizing Eritrea to the point of hallucination all because of US's interest in this region.
  • This is another timely, and well written article by William and Laura. I must confess that they have written what was in my heart since 2000. I my self have participated in the aid abuse. I was one of the regional officials of the government in the Amahra region. I was told that anyone who was not with the government was with the opposition, and deserves no wheat. I told to the farmers squarely that this is the directive or "memeria" from the government. I remember what one farmer has asked me " you tell us that we don't get aid if we are not a "core abal" ( member of the ruling party. As we see from the wheat sack, the wheat is donated from America. If so did our government get the wheat because it is a member of the ruling party of America? I was amazd with the wit of that farmer, and am not sure where he is now. The HRW reported what we have been through. Being a member of the opposition does also cost your life, your property and everything of yours. That is the reality.

  • It is amazing how some journalist exaggerate everything that has to do Africa and the developing world. One has to understand that you can not monitor nations with a remote control. The HRW is pretty much putting the same report year in and year out. It is sad that the hard work made by some brave men and women who are actually in rural Ethiopia helping the helpless is being bad mouthed by some in New York who get their source from another western websites with no first hand information.
  • A rhetorical question, I assume. The reason why "we" support these bankrupt regimes is that there are natural resources that "we" badly need. Simple as that. These heartthrob agencies always see the downside, but the fact is that some aid does get through - new guns for the police, tear gas, help build new prisons. Keeping order, that's what it's all about. Don't rock the boat. Who knows who will follow this guy? At least "we" know him...

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