Sunday, January 23, 2011

Serenity by Abby Belai. 11th Grade

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Abigail Belai
Washington – Lee High School
11th Grade
They called her a dreamer.
Ever since she was a child her head was in the clouds.
People used to question her being, and doubt her abilities.
When her eyes would glaze over and focus on the unnecessary,
They would shake their heads in disapproval.
She liked to appreciate the little things.
The way the clouds would float across the sky,
How the hot summer wind would softly brush her skin.
And the amber rays of light that would shine from her window blinds.
The way the rain would pour and cleanse her soul.
The little girl was innocent.
She didn’t know.
Years passed by and the little girl became a young lady.
She learned more about the world.
She read between the lines and observed everything, and everyone.
Suddenly things were different.
She forgot how the clouds would float so delicately over the sky.
She missed the hot summer wind and its gentle blows.
 And how the rays of light would stream through the blinds,
 Filling her room with an illuminating, golden color, that would warm her heart.
To her dismay the world wasn’t what she thought it was.
She noticed its patterns and pathways.
She felt the pressure to forget what she knew,
 And learn the lessons that would guide her to her future.
She was struck with nostalgia for her youth.
Nowadays she ponders too much.
“What was so special about the things that used to fascinate me?”
She would ask herself.
One day the answer came to her.
They were the things that gave her serenity;
 The peace of mind others would envy.
Satisfied with her answer, she continued through life.
Given the chance, she would do anything to go back to the time of sweet disposition.
But knowing that she once felt the rain drops,
Admired the sun rays,
Observed the clouds,
Let the warm wind flow between her fingers,
That gives her serenity.
One, who was once a dreamer, is always a dreamer.
And so she kept dreaming.

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