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Top Political Icons of All Times- Fact or Fiction?

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Times Top Political Icons Of All Times

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Times magazine has come out with list of whom they think are political icons of all times. It includes people who influenced the world and changed the world for ever. Some of them are those who are not held in good light but their impact was powerful enough and their actions led the path to present world.

Here is the list of those icons who shaped the world

1) Mahatma Gandhi :

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi tops the list. As Einstein had rightly said that years down the line , it would be tough for people to believe that man like Gandhi actually walked the world. Mahatma Gandhi pioneered satyagrah and used the most lethal weapon of all time. Weapon of non violence. The greatness of this man can be judged by his universal appeal and influence he had had in  three different continents. Mahatma showed the world that humans are inherently same every where and love,peace,non violence are eternal. He was huge influence on King martin Luther , nelson Mandela and current president of USA ,Mr Barack Obama considers Gandhi as one of his icons.

2) Alexander The Great :

Known as sikander in India , Alexander the great was one of first person whose ambition led to global quest and he conquered most parts of the world. Died at early age of 32 Alexander did play huge role in shaping up modern history in his own way.

3) Mao :

China's tallest icon of recent time , mao redefined governance and shaped modern china , which is on its way to become largest economy in the world. Mao is often criticized  for his neglect of human rights.

4) Winston Churchill :

Gifted orator Winston Churchill finds his well deserved place in global political icons of all time. Charismatic , no non sense Churchill played a vital role in shaping the modern world. During world war 2 Churchill was prime minister of great Britain.

5) Genghis Khan :

Brutal , raw force that took central Asia by storm, Genghis khan finds his place in the list. His campaigns is said to have killed 40 million people!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He is arguably most feared war lord ever.

6) Nelson Mandela :

Living legend nelson Mandela too makes into the list. Nelson's 27 years in jail makes him iconic symbol of will power , resistant and never say die attitude which is universal inspiration.

7) Abraham Lincoln :

He is one of most influential person to ever be born. Abraham Lincoln is champion of democracy , one of best students of human science , the man who kept united states as one and the man who actually stood by principals of humanity by abolishing slavery. The impact of lincoln on the world is huge and his legacy is time tested.

8) Adolf Hitler :

Imagine a list where Genghis khan and Hitler find their place along with Gandhi and Mandela!!!!!!!!. Hitler's impact on world is huge , no matter whether we like him or not. United Nation , the grand umbrella body was formed after world war 2. The allies was formed to defeat Hitler. Hitler has also been responsible for slaughters which can be said to be at par with Genghis khan and most inhuman in recent times. His obsession of race and his treatment of jews is perfect example of what humans should not be.

9) Ernesto "Che" Guevara:

Immortal is one word which goes with che. His legacy can be seen that inspite of his death long time back , he still remains as one of face of rebellion.

10) Ronald Reagan :

40th president of united states of America finds himself in the list. Credited for peaceful end of cold war , Ronald Reagan played very influential role in world's history .

The other fifteen who make into the list are as follows :

12)Franklin Roosevelt
13)Dalai Lama
14)Queen Victoria
15)Benito Mussolini
16)Akbar the Great
18)Margaret Thatcher
19)Simón Bolívar
20)Qin Shi Huang
21)Kim Il-Sung
22)Charles de Gaulle
23)Louis XIV
24)Haile Selassie
25)King Richard the Lionheart & Saladin

Where are the Criminal Icons of our Time?

As we remember the Political Icons of all time, the Criminal Icons continue to thrive!

Tunisian tyrant Zine El Abidine Ben Ali has found refuge in Saudi Arabia. As the sands shift in their countries, other rulers, including those of Egypt and Yemen, are – despite protestations to the contrary – no doubt studying their expatriate retirement options. It remains an international disgrace that so many will elude justice, in the manner of Chad’s ex-dictator Hissène Habré, and the poster-tyrant for them all, Ethiopia’s monstrous Mengistu Haile-Mariam.

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While the pressure on exiled dictators has been increased in recent years – with efforts to identify and freeze ill-gotten assets, and the threat of pursuit by human rights lawyers and international prosecutors – apprehension, convictions and punishment have been rare.

Human Rights Watch, for example, has worked for years to seek justice for Mr. Habré’s victims. Accused of thousands of political killings and systematic torture when he ruled Chad from 1982 to 1990, Mr. Habré is living in Senegal. He appears the most vulnerable of the ex-dictators. Senegal’s president promised four years ago to prosecute him, but then pleaded poverty. Last November, international donors raised the $11.7-million cost for a trial. Even so, President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal has dithered.

The case of Colonel Mengistu is even more egregious. Chairman of the dreaded Derg, a Communist military junta that in 1974 overthrew (and then murdered) Emperor Haile Selassie, and later the self-declared president of Ethiopia, Col. Mengistu accrued an impressive list of sins, running the gamut from regicide to famine and genocide, before fleeing to Zimbabwe in 1991. Among the legion of Africa’s rotten ex-despots, a special place of dishonour is reserved for Col. Mengistu.

Yet, while he has been convicted in absentia of genocide by an Ethiopian court, the colonel continues to enjoy a luxurious exile as the guest of the authoritarian President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe. “Why to this day the International Courts have not as yet indicted the brutal dictator, Mengistu Haile-Mariam, and his other henchmen, remains a mystery,” said Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, the late emperor’s grandson and the current president of the Crown Council of Ethiopia.

It is a very good question. The international community needs to turn up the pressure on authoritarian safe havens like Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Zimbabwe (and until recently France, in the case of Jean-Claude Bébé Doc Duvalier). The maxim applied to such despicable people should be, they can run but they can’t hide.

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