Thursday, March 24, 2011

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Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Dear Patriotic Global Citizens:
Re: The Universal God and the Perilous Planet Earth and its inhabitants
First and foremost the planet is tiny dot in the universe and in a highly vulnerable middle aged Solar Galaxy!
Second the Universal God that is in charge of the Galaxies and planets of the universe does care about insignificant planet earth and its in habitants. This is good news, especially with the poor record in the responsibleness of the mortal nine billion and the living seven billion people, in looking after this tiny vulnerable planet they call home.
Third, our first and foremost task is to understand the planet's vulnerability both from the internal and external electromagnetic forces that are designed to protect her as well as destroy her.
We should continue to research or ask the Universal God to explain to us how the tectonic plates operate and how the universal gravitational and electro magnetic forces work and how to use them to our advantage.
Behaving like little children who get upset each time their rather selfish and short sighted desire or perspective is not the reality will not take us any where.
So, we have been given opportunities to explore the universe and planet earth each time there is a tectonic plate shift or the magma wants to shower us with it colourful explosions.
The question we should ask is why did we survive in stead of why did the tectonic plates move and the resulting tsunamies. This is natural as Adam liked and knew Eve when he first saw her
The question is what is the lesson for the rest of us and the future generation.
Some how, I have very little respect for all these religious Semi-Gods who are not connected with the Universal God and get upset when their earthly gods are shattered in front of them.
Take a leap of faith, there is a Universal God and has a great plan for Planet Earth and its inhabitants.
with regard and seeking you creative alternative perspective
I remain
Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
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