Thursday, April 28, 2011

Campaign 2012 is upon us and Great Achievements need Time and Commitment says Pres Obama

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Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of the USA

Our President is asking us for more time to achieve his great Vision and Plan of change.  These are monumental changes:

1. Putting the Economy back on track, confidence,employment and investment
2. Reforming Wall Street that sank the Global Economy
3. Making health care more affordable and accessible.
4. Equal pay for women for the same work and same competency
5. Bringing our talented and dedicated soldiers home

Please find the President's Call to Action below

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH


Friend --

If it were easy to do the big, meaningful things we believe will make our country better -- if it were quick -- someone would have done those things long before any of us showed up.

We've chosen to do something hard.

You know that our victories so far have been hard won: taking the difficult steps necessary to put our economy back on track, reforming Wall Street excess despite an army of lobbyists against us, and making health care more affordable and accessible despite well-organized opposition by those who profit from the status quo.

You also know we have not yet done everything we set out to do -- not nearly.

But that's a reason to work harder, not to let up. That's why we're building this campaign now. And you have to take ownership of it.

You've played a critical role in what we've built together over the last few years. So I will be direct: Can you step up and make a donation of $15 to get us started for 2012?

We've had the chance to make historic changes that touch every American: from passing a law that says women should get an equal day's pay for an equal day's work to removing 100,000 troops from Iraq.

Those things and every other important change we've made happened because people like you built an organization to win an election in 2008.

The stakes are even higher this time.

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