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Lessons to all dictators and revolutionaries on how to shut down Government- the US Experience

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Re:  The Impending Closure of the US Government by its TEA Party Congress

It is with great shame and regret to the civilized community,  but perhaps to the great delight of dictators and revolutionaries,  that we publish the attached article on how to shut down the US Government in an orderly fashion.

The closing of US Governance is not taking place by what is referred to the Security Challenges of the 21st Century, ie. Global terrorism and mutually assured ideological destruction, but an inside job, by those who claim to be Patriotic enough that they should close down a government that had surplus during the Democratic Clinton Administration and went into multi-trillion bankruptcy during the Bush Junior Presidency.

The amazing story is that the lenders, the Chinese have not yet threatened to be paid fast or else!  No!,  it is the same guys who robbed the trillions during the Republican Bonanza times who are now directed by the Koch Brothers Tea party Movement to Rob America and sink the Global Economy the second time!  The Goons want no government but their loony kleptocratic  enterprises, that sank the Global Economy and want to do it again!

If the Wall Street and Kock Brothers TEA Party criminals were not punished , but got trillions in stimulus packages, with their Goldman Sack insider at the treasury who got trillions with some thre page memo to Congress,  now when the April 15 Uncle Sam Tax Time comes, they claim hell no we will not pay, we want to shut down government, and run it as a private enterprise, they call it job creation, My foot job creation, where in China?.  Is this for real?

It used to thought  un scientific or non patriotic,  and even sensational,  to consider that the US led World Civilization will end so soon!.  Not even by 21st May of 2011 according to the Loony Penticostal Prophet or 31 December 2012 as the Mayans have foretold.  Now, in April 2011.  Thios is too soon to any body's test and sense of preparedness.  Katrina gave us some warning and these goons want to do it now to get their pay check from the Koch Brothers.

However, that is what is likely to happen in some 24 hours.  That is if Obama, No Drama lets them do it like Clinton and Gingrich did it the first time. This sounds and looks like Greek Comedy and Tragedy or modern day PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greek and Spain) but it is true, it is the USA of TEA party Activits who managed to sneak in Congress.  They were meant to have some fun at the Mall and not fun in Congress, Shutting Down the USA.

Just to remind our selves,  the criminals of the 2008 Global Economic  Crisis went unpunished, save one tiny, arrogant Jewish American Bernie Madoff.  Nothing happened to Goldman Sachs, AIG and the series of Banks that sank the world economy.  In fact most of them benefited from the Trillions of Stimulus packages and got billions in bonuses.  Just imagine, a world where criminal billionaires (The Koch Borthers) who got their money from Stalin Russia , now  form a TEA party and want to shut down the very government that should have prosecuted them for their crime.  It is Reverse Justice or Injustice of the worst kind.

Now, if this happened in some poor third world or Revolutionary Arab Youths or Ivory Coast, it would not surprise us.  It is happening in the most technologically advanced and a country where the most sophisticated accounting packages are available  to show where the trillions went over the past 8 or 10 years, when the Government Accounting Regulators went to sleep or collaborated? 

 Pick your case!   Let us review it,  and ask those guys who squandered the money (Wall Street Ponzy Scheme Managers) to pay for it.  So, we though until we got a second Government Shut down by the same crooks,  who outshout any one claiming they are patriotic, demanding the  Trillions of Debt need to be paid now.  By whom, why not apply our Accounting Books and Google Earth and catch the Wall Street criminals.  I thought modern technology is there to help us solve such simple accounting frauds >  I just wondered, can we ask the Silicon Geniuses to Catch the Wall Street Goons and TEA party Activits in Congress before it is too late.

Where is Homeland Security and National Security establishment when we need them.  Were they not re-organized, integrated, providing seamless security to the nation?  Where are they? 

To top it all the very man, The  Gingrich,  who shut down the US Government during President Clinton's Presidency,  went unpunished. In fact, he currently wants to run for President, supported by another Billionaire Trump who has converted himslef into a Real Estate Billionaire Birther Movement captain, only  to shut down the Government!  The loony TEA Party Candidates in Congress,   are trying to outsmart him,  by shutting the government sooner, denying Gingrich him, if he ever succeeded, to be president, and  the infamy of having succeeded in shutting US Government twice in succession.

This is such a sad state of affairs, it makes me shiver,  but it is true.  Here is the evidence on how the Loony Tea Party came so close to close down the largest Super Power Government. Remember, the Alqaeda that is sinking the US economy has not succeeded in closing down the US Government.  

Now!  this is a serious US National Security disaster, we might have thought.  No,  the very constitution that allows this goons to close down the government disallows our US Pentagon and Security from preventing it.  What a shame?  and we call this Capitalist Democracy!  What a governance that shuts down government, I do not get it.  But it is true!

I always wonder, What is the Pentagon, who is sinking 20% of US Budget, doing watching the TEA Party and Gingrich threatening to Shut Down Government.  This is a number one national security issue, and the National Security itself is shut down before it is able to respond.  This is what is called the Enemy Within is the most powerful adversary.

I never believed Rome, Greece and all other civilizations collapsed under their own weight, and this one is doing so due to fear of not being able to pay the Trillions of Debt to the Chinese.  The Chinese have not come, but we went there in fear and closed down our government.  Just in case our grand children need to work a little harder to pay for their living and may be a little  bit of our indiscretion, that is sinking Trillions of debt for generations to pay!

This is truly interesting, Gadafy had written a letter pleading with President Obama to spare him the bombs, but the TEA Party Congress is not even bothered Pres Obama's plea to pass his budget and they are going to bomb down and shut the most powerful government in the Universe.

Just imagine, what the Libyans and Yeminis are thinking ? They now know how to shut down their governments,  and they do not need  to fight with their lives or  dance in their squares chanting Close so and so's government!   

What will the Youth martyres of Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Syria, Yemen etc think?No need to come to Washington and appear on Comedy Shows and tell it all.  Potential Opera shows , where they will hit the Reality Fame, narrating on how they closed down their governments, seem now lame compared to what the TEA Party are doing twice in our life time.  The message, I hope is see what we have done to our government, you can do it too. legally  and systematically!  Just watch how we closed down the US government.  

The inadvertent lesson is that, there is no need for demonstrations, no shoot out with securities or injury or death, and no guns, just have the TEA party within a party, say no to the Democratic Senate and Democratic President who will cave in any way, or will they will  stand up for governance?

I the end the results will be known in some 24 hours.  Or we should say, Time will tell.  By the records of the information attached, it seems we are ready for all eventualities.  Imagine a civilization that is ready to systematically and orderly close down its own final chapters.  That is what sound is going to happen.  For this I respect and honor the respectful and competent bureaucracies ready for any eventuality!

I wonder what is next?  What can I do as a global citizen who has a lot at stake in ensuring the US Government is open?  I feel better blogging about it and know for sure this is not enough.  I have to activate the COFFEE Party (Coalition of Fair and Free Economic Enterprise Party) who believes in SMART Government whose activities are Specific, Measurable, Appropriate and Time Sensitive.  Now with 14 Trillion Debt, I need a SMART Work Plan from Obama's re-election campaign!

African Govenments like Bagbo of Ivory Coast will die rather than shutting down  thier government or passing it on to their successor, look what President Obama and his team are doing?  It is so amazing how democracy is incompetent in times of crisis!  My instinct is that President Obama will compromise and not allow what President Clinton allowed to do.  He believes in negotiations, compromise and give and take.  I wish he takes more than what he gives.  But, I t rust the US Government will survive yet another challenge, as it did some 150 years ago during the Abraham Lincoln Crisis of Civil War. Some say, the Civil War is still on, as the Southerners have not accepted their racist defeat.  So another generation will fight for the survival and leadership of Good Old Super Power USA.  

Run, Obama Run, I would like to see, the "I am In" Campaign involving more Americans and Global Citizens, as the survival of US Government is closely linked to the survival of Planet Earth.

With regards, just before the Apocalypse


Posted at 04:38 PM ET, 04/07/2011

How to shut down the federal government

The US Capitol is bathed in the setting sun and seen in the reflecting pool on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Nov. 12, 2010. (Alex Brandon - AP)
Want to know exactly how to shut down the federal government? We’ve got the official memo explaining it all. (Well, kind of.)
The Office of Management and Budget is instructing agencies to follow this timeline over the weekend if budget negotiations fail to reach an agreement on a new spending measure.
Agencies should be telling workers today whether they will need to work during a shutdown and to reach out to federal worker unions, state and local governments, contractors, congressional committees and other groups to inform them of their plans.
Operations are to continue as normal on Friday, and all federal employees should report for work. But agencies must complete the process of telling workers their fate by the end of the day Friday.
Over the weekend, OMB will issue further instructions if a shutdown begins.
Read the full memo below:
FROM: Jacob J. Lew, Director, OMB
Planning for Agency Operations During a Lapse in Government Funding
The current Continuing Resolution (CR) expires at the end of tomorrow, Friday April 8, 2011. We are deeply engaged in efforts to reach an agreement that cuts spending in a balanced way so that we do not have a government shutdown that could setback our economic recovery. Negotiations on the budget are continuing, and it remains possible that Congress will reach an agreement by midnight tomorrow on continued funding for the current fiscal year.
Yet at this late hour, responsible management requires that we be prepared if there is a lapse in appropriations. To that end, and pursuant to Section 124 of Circular A-II, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has been providing guidance and coordinating the efforts of the Executive Branch to facilitate appropriate contingency planning in accordance with the provisions of the Antideficiency Act. This Memorandum is being sent in conjunction with these efforts.
As part of the guidance that has been provided to you, OMB has referred agencies to legal opinions issued by the Attorney General and the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) of the Department of Justice, which set forth the legal requirements imposed by the Antideficiency Act during a lapse in appropriations and the guiding standards that agencies should use in making decisions under the Act during a lapse in appropriations. In reviewing existing contingency plans, agency leaders are reminded of the agency’s duty to make the determination of which agency activities qualify as “excepted” functions pursuant to applicable legal requirements, and to make the determination of which employees are needed for the performance of those “excepted” functions on a case-by-case basis.
We have received a number of technical questions about particular matters related to agency operations during a lapse in funding. As a result we have issued Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents through the OMB MAX community system. (See Attachments) The F AQ documents provide an overview of relevant legal principles that apply to all government operations, address particular issues with contracts and grants, and answer questions relating to information technology, travel, orderly shutdown, and payment for excepted work.
Earlier this week, we encouraged agencies to reach out to their senior managers on logistical and managerial issues associated with executing agency contingency plans. We know that the current uncertainty and threat of a shutdown is a tremendous burden on Federal employees and therefore, earlier this week, we encouraged agencies to reach out to all employees regarding the possible lapse in appropriations. In addition, the Office of Personnel Management issued an F AQ to assist agencies and employees on personnel issues associated with a funding lapse, posted at 11.
We will remain in close communication until this situation is resolved to ensure that the Executive Branch is prepared in case a funding lapse occurs. At this time, agencies should proceed as follows:
Today April 7: You should continue to review your shutdown plans and begin the process of communicating the details of your plans to all employees. Your communications with an employee should address the expected status of that employee under a shutdown: that is, whether the employee would continue to report to work (either because the employee is paid from an appropriation that continues to remain available or because the employee would be needed for the agency’s performance of its “excepted” functions) or instead would be placed on furlough as “non-excepted.” An agency may complete this communication electronically if appropriate. Agencies also are encouraged to conduct appropriate outreach to unions, State, local and tribal governments, grantees, contractors, Congressional committees, and other stakeholders.
Friday April 8: As noted, the current CR expires at midnight tomorrow. Therefore, tomorrow is a normal workday for the Federal Government, and all employees should report to work as normal. Agencies must complete the process of communicating to all employees their status under a shutdown no later than the end of the day tomorrow.
We will advise you tomorrow of further developments, including whether a new CR will likely be enacted. If we inform you tomorrow that a new CR is not likely to be enacted, then you should prepare to implement your shutdown plan beginning on Saturday, April 9. In that case, agencies must instruct non-excepted employees (including those who do not have a weekend work schedule) that they are prohibited, pursuant to the legal requirements of the Antideficiency Act, from performing any work over the weekend pending further notice. This means that the non-excepted employees will be prohibited, after midnight on Friday night, from working remotely, such as from home --including by accessing agency information technology (e.g., Blackberries, cell phones, computers, laptops), except to the extent that the agency’s contingency plan provides for the agency to use such technology to provide non-excepted employees with updates regarding their furlough and return-to-work status. Also, as noted below, there may be circumstances in which certain employees are accessing agency information technology remotely for a brief period to carry out de minimis shutdown related activities.
If there is a lapse in appropriations, during the employee’s next scheduled work day (i.e., Saturday or Sunday for weekend employees; Monday for all other employees), an agency shall have its non-excepted employees perform -for up to a half-day (e.g., up to four hours) -such “orderly shutdown” activities as are needed for the agency’s implementation of its contingency plan (e.g., turning in equipment if required). Non-excepted employees who are scheduled to telework on their next scheduled work day may perform these shutdown activities from their telework location, if an existing telework agreement is in place. In addition, agencies at their discretion may allow other employees to conduct shutdown activities from a remote location, even without an existing telework agreement, ifthe nature of the employees’ shutdown activities are de minimis (i.e., can be completed in approximately 15 minutes). For example, such activities would include receiving and acknowledging receipt of an electronic furlough notice and adjusting voicemail and email to reflect current work status. All other non-excepted employees will be expected to report to work on their next scheduled work day to carry out orderly shutdown activities.
Saturday, April 9/Sunday, April 10/Monday, April 11: During the weekend, we will advise you further, depending on the status of appropriations action, as follows:
Normal Operations: If it is apparent late Friday evening or early Saturday that a new CR is likely to be enacted on Saturday, OMB will instruct agencies to operate in a normal manner (and not engage in shutdown activities).
Shutdown: If no new CR is likely to be enacted on Saturday, OMB will issue instructions on Saturday for agencies to proceed with their shutdown implementation, initiating the orderly shutdown by non-excepted employees. Agencies will need to issue furlough notices to non-excepted employees during the next scheduled work day (Saturday or Sunday for weekend employees and Monday for all other employees). Agencies are encouraged to issue furlough notices electronically to employees where possible. Absent compelling circumstances, agencies should complete orderly shutdown activities for non-excepted personnel within the first half-day (i.e., up to four hours) of an employee’s norrnal work schedule.
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