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Sensei and NIH Partner on Mobile Health Diabetic Research

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Mobile health is the wave of the future.  The technological and biomedical advance has given us the unique opportunity to carry our medical history, prevention and wellness medical consult with us where ever we go.

I had worked on mobile health project for quite some time promoting safety, security and total wellness were ever we choose to be.  The challenge has been how to carry medical information with us all the time.

With the advances made by Apple and Google and the latest Cloud Computing Technology we can literally access Medical Wisdom, Information and Technology where ever we are.

Diabetes- the challenge of sugar metabolism is a an advancing epidemic that is going to be with us for a long time to come.  As food availability, access and utilization is going to fall in the hands of the 2008 Global Economy Speculators, the future energy crisis is going to be very personal.

So, here is another tool for survival.  We just need to have access to SMART Phones, that can process picture, data and voice as well as technological medical information.

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Dr Belai Mariam Jesus

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Sensei collaborates in NIH award for mHealth diabetes and prediabetes study

Sensei mobile application offering mhealth coaching and wireless device data tracking to be trialed with University of Miami and Miami VA for diabetes and prediabetes.

Boca Raton, FL (PRWEB) June 08, 2011
Sensei, Inc, a leader in mHealth, health solutions delivered on mobile devices, announced today that it has been awarded an NIH grant for diabetes and prediabietes research in association with the University of Miami, Miami VA Healthcare System, and the Health Foundation of South Florida. The research will test an innovative mHealth approach to lifestyle and self management of diabetes and prediabetes.
Modest lifestyle changes including losing a small amount of weight and increased activity can improve or delay the onset of diabetes in almost 50% of cases according to the Diabetes Prevention Program.
The Diabetes Prevention Program, the VA Diabetes Trial, as well as best clinical practices in population health for diabetes and prediabetes, are the basis for the trial of a new Sensei mobile application designed to encourage simple lifestyle changes through personalized expert guidance.
The user's mobile device is transformed into a virtual coach that personally guides them to better health through healthier nutrition, fitness, weight loss and tips on self management.
Wireless tracking and real time feedback for key biometric measures and progress include: blood glucose, blood pressure, weight and daily step count.
“We are very excited about being part of such an important trial using mHealth to engage and empower people using mobile phones as virtual coaches,” said Sensei CEO and founder Robert Schwarzberg. “The virtual coaches encourage healthy nutrition, fitness, weight loss and better self management of diabetes.”
Participants will be prompted to measure key biometric data, eat healthier, learn and practice appropriate self management of diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia. There are daily alerts that teach and create calls to action supplemented by a daily agenda and reference information around the different conditions and wellness.
About Sensei, Inc

Started in 2005, Sensei is a leading mHealth company creating innovative solutions for health and health benefits focused on improving outcomes and lowering costs. Sensei's solutions are based on our extensive experience in population health, mobility and telemedicine. Sensei's solutions engage and empower people to live healthier lives providing actionable insights at teachable moments. Leveraging new approaches to monitoring such as, M2M (machine to machine), tracking, feedback, incentive and rewards; we make technology personal, integrating information systems and wireless technology. Sensei solutions address the needs of the disparate stakeholders in healthcare, consumers, health plans, employers, ACO's and other health related organizations.
Sensei is headquartered in Boca Raton, FL. For further information about Sensei, Inc. visit

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Our Passion is 2 Reach Our Individual & Collective Potential 4 Excellence & Succes

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