Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ethioiopan-African Millennium

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia:

It is with great honor and unique fortune that we are alive today to witness this great occasion of "Ethiopian/African Millennium" that comes once in a life time, in a generation and for that matter in a century.

As a host of "Hager Fiker Radio" and " Voice of the Patriots" I was honored to have had, the opportunity to interview my good friend and fellow First Ethioopian Diaspora in London and Great Britain- His Imperial Highness Mulugeta Asfaw Wossen Asrate Kassa; whom I knew personally in London while we were both living honorable lives in exile.

I am very glad that a man of his caliber who has shown his skills and competency even during HIM Haile Sellassie's reign as the anchor for the Ethiopian Television- English program is one of the leaders of the Millennium Enterprise in Ethiopia.

I know his family very well, and have great respect for the Royal House of Asrate Kassa; that hosts one of the best partriots of Ethiopia - two of Mulugeta's uncles were massacred by Fascist Italia while struggling for Ethiopia's freedom.

Unofrtunately and sadly, we read foolish stories about this Great Royal House. Those who were part and parcel of the most horrific genocide of Ethiopian history today occupy those great cities of Great Britain and try to dishonor the memories of people like HIM Asfaw Wossen his Royal Family. This very people, dishonored the memory of HIM Haile Sellassie without impunity and the fools now have come to roost in London, who know who is who in Ethiopia and modern Africa.

What they do not know and will never know is that no one will be fooled by the fools; who, butchered our people for over 17 years and those group who are loud today, yet who were part of the dreaded Demon Melaku Teferra Network in Gonder who massacred so many innnocents. Sadly, they are claiming today without any shame the honored halls of Amensty International and announcing all sorts of fabricated stories.

The audacity they have to show their loonay and moronic view about the Ethiopian Millennium is nothing but the same Moronic attempt they made to tarnish the glorius 50 year reign of the August Emperor Haile Selassie the I.

It is great and hopeful that the gallant sons and duaghters of modern Ethiopia via the current leadership have shown; that ,they too can rise up to the occassion; and lead the African continent , to the Promose of PanAfricanism, Afican Union and most importantly prosperous Ethiopia.

Yes, there are challenges on this road of development and potential prospertiy. The recent Badme and Baidowa experience is testimony to what can go wrong. It is my belief that the people of Red Sea region both in Asmara and Mogadisho will hold hands with the people of Ethiopia in building a common shared vision towards development and prosperity.

The Ethiopian Millennium and now the African Millennium is a good start to that potential great future.

Please read the AU decision to make the Ethiopian Millennium the African Millennium and wonder why Mengistu and his international communist terrorist friends are not happy.

The famous Ethiopian saying goes like this....

..."Wise people learn from the mistakes of others; Clever ones from their own , and , Fools continue to make the same mistake; over and over-again; and again, and live in ignorance, misery and abject poverty...."

I am sure The Ethiopioan and African peoples will chose to be wise and learn from the mistakes of the last 40 years and choose prosperity over poverty, democratic system over totalitarian ones like the likes of moronic Mengistu, Ziad Bare and Isayas Afeworki lead.

Partners for Peace and Prosperity.

AU decision to make Ethiopian Millennium African festival said great diplomatic, moral victory

Addis Ababa, January 31, 2007 (Addis Ababa) -

The resolution passed by the 8th AU Summit to celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium as African millennium is a great diplomatic and moral victory to all Ethiopians, the Ethiopian Millennium Festival National Council Secretariat said.

The Secretariat told Ethiopian News Agency on Wednesday that the inclusion of the Ethiopian Millennium celebration as one of the summit agenda indicates the attention the Summit paid for all Africans.

Ethiopia's calendar is among the national features that makes it unique among African countries, it said.

The fact that Addis Ababa is the second city for all Africans and its being home of the AU are among the reasons that give the Ethiopian Millennium an African face, the secretariat added.

The fact that the decision was taken in the presence of several African Heads of State and Government, representatives of various international organizations, and the new UN Secretary General will add inputs for the colorful celebration of the upcoming Ethiopian Millennium.

Though other Africans and Europeans celebrated their Millennium seven years ago, the decision passed by the AU summit to celebrate the Ethiopian Millennium as an African Millennium provided them with another opportunity to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The opportunity the millennium festival offers to promote good images of Ethiopia would also favor Africa, it said.

The secretariat said the summit’s decision can be taken as a satisfactory response to the call made by the Secretariat to friends of Ethiopia across the world to name the period between September 2000 E.C and September 2001 E.C. (equivalent to Sept. 11, 2007 through September 11 , 2008) "Ethiopian Year."

According to the Secretariat, the decision of the summit would scale up the efforts Ethiopia is exerting for development, democratization and good governance as well as to promote its good images.

The decision passed by the African Heads of State and Government to make the Ethiopian Millennium and African Millennium is an indication of the value they attached with and their sense of ownership towards Ethiopian Millennium festival, the secretariat added.

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