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Millennium Challenge Series 12: Making the Millennium belong to 2.5 Billion people of African Descent across the globe!

Dear Patriotic Ethiopians and Friends of Ethiopia:

Re: Millennial Challenge Series 12: Welcome to the family of the Great African Diaspora

It is indeed a great news to hear that Diaspora Ethiopians have joined the Great Campaign of the Millennium, to make the Millennium a turning point in the lives of Ethiopians, Africans and the Great African Diaspora scattered all over the world.

We are talking about an event that covers the history, culture, heritage and civilization of one third of the most populous human groups next only to China and India, that is the Great African Diaspora of a population that ranges between 1.5 and 2 Billion on planet earth as we know her not to forget perhaps that the African gene is found in 97.7% of the human race.

There has been initial glitches of understanding that this great milestone was and could be the property of few selected elites in some corner of the earth. Fortunately, the largest body that represents this Great African Diaspora population that is the African Union based in Addis in its latest leadership council declared it to be the African Millennium.

Now the declaration of this new set of Diaspora Ethiopians in the Metropolitan Washington Area is a new development that is worth noting in that it is taking place among Diaspora communities that live and work in the Capital City of the Modern Super Power.

The next critical step is to make this Millennium an accepted Calendar in the DC Council, Black Caucus, NAACP, Hispanic Caucus and European and Asian Caucus as soon as possible. It might be worthwhile to also consider to take representation of the Great
African Diaspora populations from North America, Latin America, the Great Indian Community, the Ase-an, European, Arab and Middle East to Add-is Abba.

Many would find this idea some what not appropriate considering the current rather a drop in the ocean scenario among the Diaspora and African populations. When you consider our recorded history of almost 8 millennial that is 7,5000 years of recorded governance, what is transpiring now is a drop in the ocean. A very important drop but really so small that the past and the future can be a unique galvanizing force for all of us.

Let us use the occasion seeking honest and transparent dialogue, debate, common shared visioning and most importantly a bench mark for the empowerment of people of this Great African Diaspora descent wherever they are and what ever they do. Remember: that this Millennial Civilization is also mother to all other civilizations via the Kemetic, Egyptian, Axumite and home to the original Judeo-Christian and Islamic Covenants of our times.

It is only appropriate that we think big and look at the greater picture and vision and be inclusive to all other civilization by actively engaging them. As such we recommend other communities be it Euro-Americans, Asian Americans, African Americans and Caribbean Americans and Ethiopian Americans are fairly represented in these celebrations both in the Diaspora and Home activities.

Most importantly, let this celebrations be a time of great visioning and transformation for the current and future generations across the planet and other galaxies and potential other universe too.

Let us begin with generosity and fairness to all and most importantly with the cultural diversity and seriousness such a great occasion deserves.

So, we say, bravo and welcome to the fold all those who are dreaming to make this occasion a great time for looking at the bench mark of cultural, historical, scientific and developmental milestones in the future.

For further reading of the Millennium Challenge Series and this is the 12th one, please refer to, and

May the Lord bless all who plan to make this Millennium a unique occassion for the best interest of all humanity.

withy regards and best wishes

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD, MPH
Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc and
Partners for Peace and Prosperity
SolomonicCrown Without Borders wrote:

Millennium celebration in Washington DC gains momentum
CCEM Press Release | March 7, 2007

WASHINGTON, DC - From exquisite cultural shows to scholarly works, from freedom marches to spectacular soccer games are a few of the programs that will highlight when the Ethiopian Millennium celebration is launched in Washington DC from September 7 to 12, 2007.

This was disclosed by the Committee for the Celebration of the Ethiopian Millennium (CCEM) while addressing an audience at the Unification Church on February 7, 2007.
"The once-in-a-thousand-years event bears an enormous important to Ethiopians," the self-initiated organizers said, adding "the event has no connection with government-sponsored activities under way in Ethiopia."

"Since Meskerem 1, 2000 falls on Wednesday September 12, 2007, the four-day event of celebrating the Millennium begins on September 7, 2007," the organizers said in a statement released to Ethiomedia.

Accordingly, the four-day event consists of a:
Symposium: Under the theme of "Reflections on the Millennium and Lights into the Future", scholars in various fields are invited to partake in assessing our past, present and shed some light what ought to be expected of Ethiopia and Ethiopians in the new millennium;

Musical Gala: In what will be one of the most extraordinary coordination and collaboration of many Ethiopian artists, a musical celebration of Ethiopian cultural and modern music and dance will be in display;

Football Competition: In cooperation with Ethiopian soccer clubs in North America, a mini-soccer competition is in the making;

Prayer Vigil: In collaboration with the many faiths of Ethiopia, this event will mark a program of prayer for Ethiopia and Ethiopians as we embark on a new millennium;

Demonstration and Parade: There will be a public parade and demonstration of hope for a "Democratic Millennium in Ethiopia". Unlike demonstrations against certain events, this parade and gathering will be a coming together of thousands of Ethiopians to show their best wishes to Ethiopia and Ethiopians for democracy, peace, justice, good governance, economic and social elevation in the coming millennium.

CCEM related to the public that although the New Year Celebration is planned in Washington D.C., the committee is comprised of individuals and organizations across the United States. The Committee is also in touch with organizers of similar events in Europe and Australia.

The townhall participants shared their admiration for CCEM and what has been accomplished so far and informed their desire to work with the Committee. Moreover, the participants conveyed to CCEM many concrete ideas and supportive suggestions. The following are some of the major ideas:

To create a working bylaw and division of responsibility for the remaining months;
To include additional volunteers in the sub-committees;

To include an Award program as part of the celebration of this Millennium;
To intensify the fund-raising effort through the Media and organizations;
To safe-guard the planning from potential disruptors and duplicated committees not-representatives of the interests of the Diaspora;

The participants of the meeting consisting of representatives of Ethiopian churches, civic organizations, political parties, print, radio and TV, women and youth organizations, musicians association, sports clubs and interested individuals pledged to contribute their share to make the coming New Year the best celebration ever. A follow-up meeting is scheduled for March 13, 2007.
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