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Millennail Challenge: How did Professors turn to be terrorists- lessons from Madrasa Professors and Addis Professors

Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of Ethiopia:

Re: The So called Educated elites in Addis, and Medical Doctors in Britain and Professors at Madrassas turnning terrorists is the most unqiue news of our time. But what about BBC reporting, condoning terrorism when it is outside Britain but shouting a foul when it is in its own door setp/ What a tragedy of judgment, this is the real challenge of the Millennium- Hipocrisy!

The recent Professors at Pakistani Madrassas who kept their own students and their families hostage is the news of our time. This story is still unfolding and the recent news of keeping the visiting parents as hostages is not helping matters at all. All sympathy that could have been generated for these looser Professors is going down the hill. I wonder what the British BBC journalist will report? Will they try to make martyrs of these criminals? This will not surprise me! That is exactly what Elizabeth Blunt is trying to do the case in Addis now playing out in court.

The Egyptian Paediatrician turned Global Jihadist, Ayman Alzahwari has recruited Indian and Pakistani Doctors and now is calling the whole of Pakistan to rise up for holy war! What is the world coming to! Can we be silent observers or should we be proactive leaders for peace and security? This is the challenge for ever citizen of the 6.5 billion stakeholders on earth.

How can we create an environment that enables peace and security to prevail in our times?

There were another set of educated elites accused by the Ethiopian Government for facilitating and inciting an insurrection and almost burning the city of Addis Ababa last May and Novemember post 2005 election campaigns.

The Ethiopian Embassy at Washington DC has a Federal Police Video for all to review at The post is active for all to see even though it is now over 2 years old news. The court case is on going and it is worth reviewing it to have perspectives, especially since the BBC reporter is making fun of it.

How do we reconcile education, healing, priests and professors who are meant to be the fountain of knowledge turning to be outright terrorists and facilitators of terror.

The recent London and Glasgow suicide bombers were the most fanatic and rather queer of them all. They are all healers with Hippocratic Oath of "First Do No Harm" who were so stupid that they were caught red handed in England, India and Australia. Thank God, they failed, and alerted us that no one is to be spared the scrutiny of pre-emptive prevention of terror in today's world of global terrorism. Remember: The Egyptian Ayman Al Zahwahri was a pediatrician before he turned mass murderer. What the Egyptian pediatric population taught him is an amazing story to uncover with time.

What is this world coming to: Professors, Medical Doctors, Philosophers and even healers and priests are turning into terrorists? and enablers of terror! These are people we turn to in times of trouble and doubt and their choice is short sighted, foolish and dangerous! This is what is referred to in the prophetic literatures that the fools will teach the wise in the end times.

Perhaps the silent majority should speak up and not be taken for granted by the vociferous and dangerous few! This is the call of our times! Make a stand for peace and prosperity rather than for war and poverty.

Please read on the Court Fiasco in Addis Ababa in its attempt to put trial those who think they are so bright that their Orange Revolution should be above the law and the constitutioin.

What a time and see how the BBC reports terror in Addis differently from Terror in Lonon and Glasgow.

What a shame on the BBC who try to make heroes out of terrorists in Addis and Oganden but would like the sympathy of the world for their own terrorists in London and Glasgow.

It is such an amazing time, all hipocracies covered up with education, status is rapidly becoming nothing but hiporacy that the world sees but the BBC never manages to learn from.

May the terrorists help us wake up from the racist and hipocratic sense of judgistice and fairness to all.

BBC Wake UP! A terrorist is a terrorist regardless of where the terror takes place and who is the perpetrators of terror!

Read on the dialemma that BBC authors find themselves in- Nothing but hipocracy that the rest of the world scoffs at and the BBC never manages to see or appreciate!

What a shame! Please read below, Ms Blunt's blunt reporting. I wish it was blunt but it is insinuating the notion, professors and educated elites cannot be tried for their crimes. what a shame?

Ethiopia's democracy on trial
By Elizabeth Blunt
BBC News, Addis Ababa

The opposition leaders have been in jail for 18 months
As they turned up in court, expecting to hear their fate, Ethiopia's 38 detained opposition leaders put on a show of bravado.

The CUD leader and principal accused, Hailu Shewal, flaunted a scarf in the colours of the Ethiopian national flag.

One of his colleagues had a ribbon in the national colours tucked into his hatband.

Indeed, the lack of any visible sign of regret for what they had done was one of the reasons cited by the prosecutor for demanding the heaviest possible sentences on those convicted - the death penalty.

In truth, these defendants always seemed like improbable candidates for armed insurrection - elderly professors in tweed or corduroy jackets, earnest young lawyers, a middle aged matron in a suit.

A significant part of Addis Ababa's intelligentsia has spent the past 18 months in jail, facing a hair-raising selection of charges which originally included genocide and treason.

Among them are the president, the vice-president and most of the central council of the opposition CUD coalition, nine elected members of the national parliament, and the man who won the election for mayor of Addis Ababa, Berhanu Negga.

Half a trial

The case goes back to 2005, and that year's elections.

They may have been the fairest held in Ethiopia so far, but the CUD insisted they were still flawed and refused to accept the results or take up the seats they had won in parliament.

The stalemate went on for several months, punctuated by two bouts of violent protest, in which some 193 people were killed, until the government finally seemed to lose patience.

Ethiopians around the world protested at the violence

Although most of the thousands of protesters detained during the demonstrations were eventually freed without charge, the CUD leadership was charged with a whole range of serious offences against the state, as were a number of journalists and publishers, and some other political activists who had no party affiliations.

There were originally nearly 100 defendants, so many that the trial has been held in a public meeting hall in the small town of Kaliti, outside Addis Ababa, near the prison where the defendants were being held.

At every sitting, the prisoners would troop in, filling nearly half the hall, while friends and relatives smiled and waved from the other side of a simple rope barrier.

But for most of the accused it was only half a trial.

The CUD defendants refused to recognise the court, to instruct lawyers or to offer any defence.

Even so the prosecution didn't have everything its own way.

The judges threw out large chunks of prosecution evidence as inadmissible, dropped the charges of treason, genocide, and freed 25 defendants as having no case to answer.

But that still left the opposition politicians facing charges of outrage against the constitution, obstructing the constitution, impairing the defensive power of the state, and inciting armed rebellion.

Since they offered no defence they were found guilty as charged.


The official position is that once they have been charged it is a matter for the court, nothing to do with the government, and the law has to take its course.

But at the same time discreet meetings have been going on behind the scenes, looking for a way to resolve the situation.

Now opposition sympathisers are keen to get the trial over and done with, convinced that once the legal process is over, the political process can start, and the way may be open for the possibility of clemency or pardon.

World news

Pakistani religious students of Islamabad's radical Red mosque arrive at sports complex from a jail in Islamabad, Pakistan, Wednesday, July 11, 2007. Pakistani commandos cleared the warren-like Red Mosque complex of all die-hard defenders Wednesday, ending a fierce eight-day siege and street battles which left more than 80 dead. (AP Photo/K.M.Chaudary)
K.M.Chaudary: AP


July 11, 2007, 2:46PM
Al-Qaida calls for war against Pakistan

© 2007 The Associated Press

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CAIRO, Egypt — Al-Qaida's No. 2 issued a new videotape on Wednesday calling for Pakistanis to join the jihad, or holy war, in revenge for the attack by Pakistan's army on a radical mosque.

Ayman al-Zawahri's 4 minutes and 24 address was entitled "The Aggression against Lal Masjid" and entirely focused on the recent clashes between Islamic students and Pakistan's army at the mosque.

The video was released by al-Qaida's multimedia branch, as-Sahab. Its authenticity could not immediately be confirmed, but two U.S.-based terrorism monitoring groups also reported it.

"Muslims of Pakistan: your salvation is only through Jihad," or holy war, al-Zawahri said in the video, which was subtitled in English.

"Rigged elections will not save you, politics will not save you, and bargaining, bootlicking, negotiations with the criminals, and political maneuvers will not save you," a bespectacled and white-clad al-Zawahri said.

"Musharraf and his hunting dogs have rubbed your honor in the dirt in the service of the Crusaders and the Jews," he said.

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