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Millennail Challenge: Challenges to the cradle of terrorism-Afghan-Pakistani Region

Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of Ethiopia:

The cradle of Cushitic civilization, the Pakistan-Afghan Crescent is now being over taken by the potential doomsday Madrasa Schools of terrorism.

The Pakistani government and communities who could not monitor what is being taught in Madrasa Schools are now facing the wrath of the Alqaeda Network on their own children and families. What a tragedy for them and for all humanity!

It may have been cool for Pakistani Intelligence Officers to play hide and seek with NATO and UN security people, but now the terrorists are coming home, in Pakistan, not in way out there place like Kashmere Valley, Afghanistan, Iraq, London or New York any where, where terror has prevailed over the past few years including the Ogaden in Eastern Ethiopia and the Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania region in the Horn.

In the end, collaborating with any home grown or international terrorists does not pay. The world community should sympathise with the Pakistani Government and communities on how to deal with these criminals. May be now is the time to push for aggressive pre-emptive security across all terrorism fault line regions in the Middle East and Horn of Africa.

A crime is a crime who ever and wherever it is committed. The poor little children were sent by their unsuspecting parents to learn some verse of the Kuran and are now becoming hostages to their own teachers.

The first of its kind, Teachers holding their own students hostage. It is critical that we should prey for the hostages and hostage takers. Pakistani Government and security people as well as the general public can not any more hide under any pretext of justifying Criminal Madrassa terrorists as legitate people of faith.

This is no faith but criminal activities that is taking place in these unsupervised, non regulated schools of terrorists! We cannot run away from the facts. Here it is clear and bold for the world to see.

The time is ripe to know what exactly is taking place in any school, by parents, the governments and most importantly by peers around the world.

This is a sad and alarming development and the world seems to ignore it, the Weekend Live Earth should have raised consciousness about the tragedy of Pakistani Madrassas, home to the new set of global Mujaheddin with out a cause.

Please read on to appreciate the plight of parents and children in this Red Masjid in Pakistan.

What a tragedy!

South Asia News
Pakistan's besieged militants "take six parents hostage" (Extra)

Jul 9, 2007, 17:03 GMT

Islamabad - Militants entrenched in a besieged Islamabad mosque took hostage six parents as they went inside the building to see their children, a Pakistani minister claimed Monday.

'There are six such parents that have been made hostages by the militants when they tried to visit their children,' Information Minister Mohammed Ali Durrani told reporters few hundred metres from the Red Mosque and its adjacent Islamic seminary Jamia Hafsa.

He also said two female students trying to escape from Jamia Hafsa had been shot at. 'They are injured now but still being held inside,' he said, adding that the militants sent back ambulances sent Sunday to move the dead and injured from the mosque.

More than 12,000 paramilitary and military troops launched an operation on the mosque after extremist students attacked a police check post last Tuesday during a five-month standoff with authorities in their bid to enforce a Taliban-style way of life in Pakistan.

Deputy chief cleric at the mosque Abdul Rashid Ghazi has vowed to die rather than surrender, defying the government's repeated order to give themselves in to authorities.

Officials have said hardcore militants, having links with al-Qaeda and Taliban, have taken the control of the mosque and also that of the lives of hundreds of students inside the compound.

'But, it is now being controlled by terrorists who are inside, who have been inside for quite some time. I can only tell you that they have been involved in many terrorist activities inside and outside Pakistan,' Religious Minister Ijaz ul Haq told reporters.

Interior Minister Aftab Sherpao claimed the terrorists were using students as human shields, by locking them up in two halls, guarded by armed fighters.

None of the claims could be confirmed, but many parents were camped few hundred metres from the Red Mosque, trying in vain to contact their children inside the heavily-fortified compound.

Efforts for the release of hostage were being made by the government, who had dispatched a group of religious scholars and ministers to negotiate a settlement.

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