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Millennial Challenge: Prof AlMariam and HR2003 face Yet Another Defeat!

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-;

Dear Patriotic Global Citizens and Friends of Ethiopia:

Re: Prof Al-Mariam and the HR2003 Lobby against Ethiopia face another defeat!

It is very interesting how the US Lobbying System works. The Extreme Diaspora Community had tried on several occasions to punish the Ethiopian people by all sorts of means including denotations, letter writing campaigns and outright violent demonstrations which brought some elements face to face with US criminal justice system and some even managed to get into DC Jail.

However, there are some silent majority members who quietly do their due diligence and encourage people to use their intelligence and come to their own conclusions about the events unfolding in Ethiopia.

The rule of law, the historical elders council intermediary role has won many times.

This time, it is evident by the tone of the HR2003 Group, that they have already lost the campaign to punish Ethiopians. Imagine, if we campaigned against their own rights, privileges and even survival means such as their jobs!

It would sound very cruel and unfair! That is exactly what they have been trying to do to the vulnerable people of Ethiopia who could benefit from the excellent relationship between the Ethiopian and American people.

You be the judge, read their own campaign material. It looks that they know they have already lost the battle.

Long live the excellent relationship between the Peoples of Ethiopia and United States of America.

We will remember those who supported and nurtured this special relationship, and those who campaigned side by side with the Alqaeda Network in Asmara and Mogadisho and supported the Altihad in Ogaden will be written in the annals of history as those who betrayed their own people not only once but twice and some three times

Once in the student movement who ushered in the craziest system of Marxism and Stanilism on the unsuspecting public and massacred thousands including the Emperor, two sets of Prime Ministers and their cabinet and all the who and who of Ethiopian leadership.

Second, as members of loony left Marxist Communist movements of Meoson, ELF, EPLF, EPRP and a series of misguided liberation fronts that created havoc for over 30 years and continues to harass our people and our country.

Lastly, now in exile, under all sorts of misguided campaigns under the banner of Kinijit, CUD, ONLF, ADF, OLF and all sorts of activists for trying to lobby a foreign government to push a punitive and pejorative bill HR2003 against the short and long term interest of Ethiopia.

Surely, who do these fools represent. Please read on for your own information and make your judgements.

In my considered judgement, these people have lost 3 times and hope this HR2003 will be buried once for all as a folly of those who listen to Marxist Communists posing as democrats and Orange revolutionaries in 21st century America.

They should be called up by Congress for trying to mislead and misinform the US congress with deceitful and sleeper cell activities that tried to usurp the Democratic process of a free country. The role of the VOA Ethiopia Service should also be reviewed in the same light.

Here is a sample of the Campaign Against US-Ethiopia relations.

You be the judge!

E-mail: Tel: 323-988-5688 Fax: 323-924-5563

URGENT! For Immediate Release

July 25, 2007


Mark-up Vote for H.R. 2003 Scheduled for July 31, 2007

The Coalition for HR 2003 is informed and believes that the House Foreign Affairs Committee will calendar H.R. 2003 for mark-up on Tuesday, July 31, 2007. We expect the bill will receive full support by committee members and recommended for passage by the Full House.


DLA Piper

Zenawi has engaged his lobbying army of DLA Piper to defeat the bill. They are making calls and paying visits to members asking them not to support and vote for the bill.

DLA Piper has fully engaged their top guns to defeat the bill. See Ken Silverstein’s article in the recent issue of Harper’s Magazine, entitled “Lobbying firms blocking action against Ethiopia's tyrant”, at:


We are also very much aware that some individuals who have lately been representing themselves as “shimagles” are indeed leading a secret lobbying campaign against the bill. We are fully aware of their efforts, and if they want to continue on their present course, we insist that they register as lobbyists for a foreign government under the Foreign Agents Registration Act , 22 U.S.C. § 611 (c) (1).


The Coalition for H.R. 2003 calls on all Ethiopian Americans in the United States to rise up once again and deliver victory in the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia. We are up against the mighty lobbying firm of DLA Piper. If we don’t rise up now and show our support for H.R. 2003, they will use their enormous power to crush our efforts to defend human rights in our country.



I thank the Coalition for H.R. 2003 for giving me the opportunity to say a few words on the challenges that we face in pushing through H.R. 2003 in the House of Representatives.

I am afraid that some of us may not be aware of the concerted and coordinated activities by Zenawi’s lobbyists and others to defeat H.R. 2003. Every single day, Zenawi’s lobbyists, official representatives and even some who claim to be “shimagles” are making phone calls and pounding the pavement in Congress to defeat H.R. 2003. There is a coordinated effort between the lobbying firm, the official representatives in the U.S. and certain “shimagles” and others to mount a covert and not-so-covert assault on our bill. We must stand up and defend our bill!

Zenawi’s new lobbying strategy is simple. He wants to convince Congress that he has changed overnight from a dictator to a democrat. He says: “I have released the political prisoners. I am going to be a good boy from now on. I will abide by the rule of law and all that good stuff. Just don’t slam me with H.R. 2003.”

His lobbyists are chanting the same thing all over Congress. “Sure, sure. Things are improving in Ethiopia. The political prisoners are released. More will be released. Zenawi is willing to observe human rights. He should be given a chance. The bill will hurt the Ethiopian people.” Blah, blah, blah. The unofficial lobbyists are trying to scam members of Congress by telling them that “Ethiopia is trying to solve its problems by using its elders and traditional methods of conflict resolution”. Blah, blah, blah.

But H.R. 2003 is not just about releasing political prisoners. It is about democratic reform and accountability, restoration of the democratic rights of the people, strengthening human rights and civic society organizations and human rights monitoring and reporting processes, increasing the independence of the judiciary, prosecution of human rights abusers, improving election procedures, removing press censorship and repeal of restrictive press laws and provision of various training programs for demcratic participation, and limiting U.S. security assistance to peacekeeping and counter-terrorism only, among others.

Fortunately, we have not only truth and justice on our side, but also the defenders of truth and justice: Donald Payne, Chris Smith, Tom Lantos, Mike Honda, Charlie Rangel and dozens of others.

We have a choice to make now: Let Zenawi buy his way out of H.R. 2003, or we stand up and stop him cold on the steps of Congress. The choice is ours, not his.

Zenawi is certain, very certain, that he will defeat H.R. 2003 and win in the end, because he has millions to spend on lobbying. He thinks he can buy Congress. Have no doubts about this. He is sitting in his palace right now laughing at us: “They are not going to do a damn thing. All they do is moan and groan. They have never been able to do anything in all these years.” So, here we are. Is Zenawi right? “We can’t do a damn thing.” ???

Call, Write, Visit Your members of Congress on behalf of Mother Ethiopia!

I ask every Ethiopian American to call, write and visit their members of Congress and ask them to support H.R. 2003. To paraphrase Shakespeare, the questions are:

Can each one of us afford to give Mother Ethiopia 5 minutes out of our busy lives to make a telephone call to a member of Congress and plead on her behalf the cause of freedom, democracy and human rights?

Can each one of us spare 10 minutes to write a letter to a member of Congress and explain Mother Ethiopia’s pain and suffering and the plague that has been visited upon her children?

Can we spare a couple of hours to go to the district office of our member of Congress; or for those of us who live close to Washington D.C., can we spend half a day in Congress and personally petition for relief of the suffering of Ethiopia’s children?

Let’s act NOW!

Let’s prove, No! Surprise Zenawi, that we can really work together to bring about positive transformations in Ethiopia. Let us show him that though we do not have millions to spend on lobbyists, we have hundreds of dedicated Ethiopians who will make up with patriotism and love of country what they lack in money.

My fellow Ethiopian Americans, awaken the giant within you. You have the power to do good, to be caring and compassionate towards your suffering brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. Use your power as a democratic citizen of the United States to fight evil. As Ghandi has taught, "Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will." Let me add that strength does not come from spending millions on lobbyists. It comes from an unflagging and unfaltering commitment to a cause – our holy cause of freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia.


Remember July 31, 2007!

God bless all of you!!!


Fax your letters, DO NOT MAIL. It takes 2 weeks to deliver a letter to congress because of security inspections.

Office telephone and fax numbers are listed below.

Copy and paste, and modify the letter below to fit your special situation.

Documents can be FAXED during the day or at night. They will be read whenever they are sent. If you do not have a fax machine, places use fax services available at places like Kinkos, Staples, Office Max and others. You can also ask friends who have faxes to send them for you.


We encourage you to immediately call, write, fax and/or visit your Congressional Representatives’ district and/ Washington D.C. OFFICES AND URGE THEM TO CO-SPONSOR HR 2003 ( OR USE THE FOLLOWING:

July…, 2007

The Honorable [Name of Member]

U.S. House of Representatives

Washington, D.C. 20515

Attention: Foreign Affairs

Dear Representative [name of member]:

I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor H.R. 2003 (“Ethiopia Freedom and Accountability Act of 2007). I also respectfully ask that following committee consideration, you vote to recommend the bill as amended do pass.

(Personalize the letter in the next paragraph. Research the member’s legislative history on Google or by going to their website. If you are in their congressional district mention that also. Mention your line of work, expertise, special things about yourself, if you want.)

Example: Over the years, I have been one of your greatest admirers in the area of human rights, and I very much aware of your leading role in promoting human rights through the Cuban Democracy Act. It gives me great pleasure to write to you on H.R. 2003, (Ethiopia Freedom and Accountability Act of 2007) as I am sure you will appreciate the gravity of the human rights situation in Ethiopia. I am presently … describe your work, responsibilities etc, briefly)

As you may recall, on June 26, 2007, the scheduled mark-up action on H.R. 2003 was delayed because the ruling regime in Ethiopia, through its official representatives, communicated to the Committee that mark-up action on the bill on that date will adversely affect the release of the prisoners of conscience held in Kality prison.

I have learned that the Committee, in the face of such unprecedented challenge to its institutional integrity, nonetheless agreed to delay mark-up action for 2 weeks.

As you know, H.R. 2003 (Ethiopia Freedom and Accountability Act of 2007) is not merely about the release of political prisoners in Kality prison. It is fundamentally about reclaiming, revitalizing and advancing human rights as a central pillar of American foreign policy.

To that end, H.R. 2003 aims to institute accountability and democratic reforms in Ethiopia, aid in the restoration of the democratic rights of the people, strengthen human rights and civic society organizations, increase the independence of the judiciary, assist in bringing to justice human rights abusers are brought to justice, ensure fraud free-elections, and removing press censorship, among many others. Simply stated, it is a bill that aims to institutionalize the rule of law in Ethiopia.

H.R. 2003 is presently co-sponsored by Chairman Lantos, and eighty-three other members. I respectfully request your co-sponsorship because I take great pride in the fact that my representative from the great state of _____ stood up to defend freedom, democracy and human rights in Ethiopia, where most of my relatives and friends still live. I also appreciate your help in expediting the mark-up of the bill by requesting that it be placed on the next calendar of the Committee.

I would like to thank you in advance for your help.

I will call your office in the next day to follow up on this letter.


Your Name

Give your address and telephone number where you can be reached




American Samoa
Eni Faleomavaega American Samoa 202-225-8577 202-225-8757

Jeff Flake 6th 202-225- 202-226-

Gabrielle Giffords 8th 202-225-2542 202-225-0378

John Boozman 3rd 202-225-4301 202-225-5713
Tom Lantos (Chair) 12th 202-225-3531 202-226-4183

Lynn Woolsey 6th 202-225-5161 202-225-5163

Jim Costa 20th 202-225-3341 202-225-9308

Elton Gallegly 24th 202-225-5811 202-225-1100
Brad Sherman 27th 202-225-5911 202-225-5879

Howard Berman 28th 202-225-4695 202-225-3196

Diane E. Watson 33rd 202-225-7084 202-225-2422

Linda Sanchez 39th 202-225-6676 202-226-1012

Ed Royce 40th 202-225-4111 202-226-0335

Dana Rohrabacher 46th 202-225-2415 202-225-0145

(HR 2228)

Tom Tancredo 6th 202-225-7882 202-226-4623

Gus M. Bilirakis 9th 202-225-5755 202-225-4085

Connie Mack 14th 202-225-2536 202-226-0439

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen 18th 202-225-3931 202-225-5620

Robert Wexler 19th 202-225-3001 202-225-5974

Ron Klein 20th 202-225-3026 202-225-8398

David Scott 13th 202-225-2939 202-225-4628

Don Manzullo 16th 202-225-5676 202-225-5284

Dan Burton 5th 202-225-2276 202-225-0016

Mike Pence 6th 202-225-3021 202-225-3382

Bill Delahunt 10th 202-225-3111 202-225-5658

Russ Carnahan 3rd 202-225-2671 202-225-7452

Jeff Fortenberry 1st 202-225-4806 202-225-5686

New Jersey
Christopher Smith 4th 202-225-3765 202-225-7768

(HR 2228)

Donald M. Payne 10th 202-225-3436 202-225-4160

Albio Sires 13th 202-225-7919 202-226-0792

New York
Gary L. Ackerman 5th 202-225-2601 202-225-1589

Gregory W. Meeks 6th 202-225-3461 202-226-4169

Joseph Crowley 7th 202-225-3965 202-225-1909

Eliot L. Engil 17th 202-225-2474 202-225-5513

North Carolina
Brad Miller 13th 202-225-3032 202-225-0181

Steve Chabot 1st 202-225-2216 202-225-3012

Purto Rico
Luis G. Fortuno Purto Rico 202-225-2615 202-225-2154

David Wu 1st 202-225-0855 202-225-9497

South Carolina
Joe Wilson 2nd 202-225-2452 202-225-2455

Gresham Barrett 3rd 202-225-5301 202-225-3216

Bob Inglis 4th 202-225-6030 202-226-1177

John Tanner 8th 202-225-4714 202-225-1765

Ted Poe 2nd 202-225-6565 202-225-5547
Michael McCaul 10th 202-225-2401 202-225-5955

Ron Paul 14th 202-225-2831 202-226-6553

Ruben Hinojosa 15th 202-225-2531 202-225-5688

Sheila Jackson Lee 18th 202-225-3816 202-225-3317

Jo Ann Davis 1st 202-225-4261 202-225-4382

Adam Smith 9th 202-225-8901 202-225-5893

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