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Millennial Opportunities: US Congress congratulates the Ethiopian Millennium! what about HR 2003

Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity-;

Re: The Other side of Democratic Congress on the Millennium & Ethioian Pardon

Mr Honda of Ethiopia Caucus leads with distinction and here is some of his vision and action.

We trust Congressman Payne would follow this and make HR 2003 a new vision for improved partnerships between the people of Ethiopia and the United States of America and not reduce it to memories of disgruntled former Military Junta Dictatorship sympathisers.

Surely, our distinguished Congressmen and their handlers and research staff can differentiate the big picture from the tiny inconveniences of dealing with disgruntled Marxist Military Junta sympathisers.

Transparency and Accountability and Good Governance in general demand that you do not disrespect a people and expect to be treated well. The ABC of Diplomacy, foreign affairs and international relations demands that we begin with positive approach and challenge the negatives with appropriate diplomatic tools.

Publishing a bill that does not respect the ABC's of Diplomacy will only be shelved in the annals of history as a misguided and misplaced efforts.

The people of Ethiopia and USA demand better service from their congressman. With the current opinion polls of Congress at the lowest level since record was taken does not need another bungling with one of the few special relationship that the Bush Administration has managed to sustain in this critical time of need.

Please read on this interesting bill from Congress and need to be congratulated for its vision and potential into the future.

We have confidence on the US Congress International Subcommittee to make HR2003 a new vision of win-win partnerhsip between the people of Ethiopia and the United States of America that future generation will mark as a turning point.

Thank you Congressmen.

with regards

Dr Belai of Global Strategic Enterprises, Inc for Peace and Prosperity!

Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus Celebrates the Ethiopian Millennium upon release of Political Prisoners

Washington, DC – Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA), Members of the Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus celebrate the release today of 38 Ethiopian political opposition leaders, most recently sentenced to life in prison, and now fully pardoned.

This news comes after H.R.2003 the Ethiopia Democracy and Accountability Act (Payne) House mark up on Wednesday, July 18th. Caucus Members have traditionally supported legislation that reaffirms Ethiopia’s role on the world stage.

From H.R.935 Free and Fair Elections in Ethiopia Act (Honda), to monitoring negotiations between Starbucks and the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office (EIPO), the Ethiopia Caucus is based on the principle that if given the necessary tools, Ethiopia can truly be a lighthouse for Africa.

Rep. Honda, Founder and Chair of the Ethiopia Caucus stated that, “It is important, now more than ever, to celebrate Ethiopia with vigilance and genuine partnership.”
On the decision to pardon prominent political opposition leaders, Rep. Honda stated, “In the spirit of new beginnings, it is my hope that the Ethiopian Government and members of the political opposition take every necessary step toward true reconciliation.”

This week, Rep. Honda (CA-15) introduced H.Res.550 congratulating the people of Ethiopia on the second Millennium of Ethiopia, co-authored by Rep. Payne (NJ-10).

Ethiopia’s calendar is based on the Orthodox Tewahedo Calendar which is derived from the Julian calendar – the west follows the Gregorian calendar. H.RES. demonstrates Congress support for the Ethiopian American community, and Congressman Honda plans to use the attention surrounding the Millennium to highlight priority issues including reconciliation.

He stated that, “True reconciliation includes the speedy release of political prisoners, and granting them the right to participate in a democratic society. The Ethiopian Government has taken an important step forward today that will set the tone for celebrations of the Millennium. ”

Members of the Congressional Ethiopian American Caucus are eager to use the Millennium as an opportunity to bring national attention to Ethiopia, the original home of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopian Americans.

Mr. Honda stated that, “In the wake of a tumultuous period in Ethiopian history, it was important for us to do more to increase visibility around this country that has meant so much to an important, but largely overlooked, minority constituency.

We want to do more to show our appreciation to the Ethiopian American community for all that they continue to contribute to our society, and more importantly, to support their efforts to bring national attention to the issues that matter to them.”

Ethiopian Americans make up the second largest African immigrant community in the United States, with US-Ethiopia relations initiated in 1903. Recognizing Ethiopia’s role in the formation of a Pan-African movement, and defeating colonial rule are key points in the resolution, and a significant aspect of Ethiopian identity.

The Resolution also recognizes the efforts of all those who are organizing Millennium celebrations. The African Union has already declared the Ethiopia Millennium as the African Millennium, and acknowledges the critical role Ethiopia plays in keeping peace on the Continent.

s/ Rep. Michael Honda
s/ Rep. Donald Payne
s/ Rep. Diane Watson
s/ Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee
s/ Rep. Jim Clyburn
s/ Rep. Robert C. Scott
s/ Rep. Thelma D. Drake
s/ Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson
s/ Rep. Julia Carson
s/ Rep. Vic Snyder
s/ Rep. Zoe Lofgren
s/ Rep. Michael E. Capuano
s/ Rep. Jim Moran
s/ Rep. Barbara Lee
s/ Rep. Chris Van Hollen
s/ Rep. William Lacy Clay
s/ Rep. Gregory W. Meeks
s/ Rep. Elijah Cummings
s/ Rep. Albert Russell Wynn
s/ Rep. Carolyn Maloney
s/ Rep. Joe Wilson

Lantos Welcomes News of the Release of 38 Political Prisoners in Ethiopia Washington, DC – U.S. Congressman Tom Lantos, Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, today welcomed the release by the Ethiopian government of 38 of the country’s parliamentarians and leaders of the opposition Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), journalists and civil society activists. The group was arrested in connection with demonstrations protesting the conduct and outcomes of the Ethiopian national elections of November 2005.

“While Ethiopia made enormous strides in laying the groundwork for the 2005 elections, many of these gains were wiped out by the subsequent police attacks on civilians and arrest of opposition leaders,” Lantos said. “The international community celebrates their rightful release. But let us remember that the crackdown, convictions and sentencing never should have taken place, and that the nearly 200 people who lost their lives in the protests will never be forgotten.”

In announcing the pardons, Prime-Minister Meles Zenawi assured the restoration of the detainees’ rights to vote and to participate fully in the political sphere in Ethiopia. At least 36 more activists remain in detention because they either refused to sign a required letter of remorse or because they signed the letter but their cases remain undecided. Another five have been sentenced, in absentia, to life in prison.

“I call on Prime Minster Zenawi to authorize the unconditional release of the remaining prisoners,” said Lantos, who is the founding co-chairman of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus. “And to raise the world’s estimation of Ethiopia as a nation that values justice, the government must take concrete steps towards establishing and respecting the freedom of press, assembly and rule of law.”

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