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Millennial Challenges: Norway facilitating the Axis of Evil around the world?

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Re: Scandinavian Countries and Norway in particular have been playing with fire for too long!

As the Millennium is advancing, the exposure of Friends and Enemies of Africa are coming forth by the day!

It has become very clear over the last few decades and more importantly over the past few weeks, that Norway has been adventurous with its Foreign Policy of mixing diplomacy and sleeping with Sleeper Cell Terrorists without qualms under the cover of assumed peace maker and perhaps risque diplomacy.

In this day and age, security, peace and sustainable development come with the basic modicum of common shared understanding of all interested parties, based on transparency and accountability with public and private stake holders.

The traditional route of secret meetings without the deliberate process of involving the public and critical stakeholders is not going to make a significant contribution both in the short and long term.

Norway has been utilizing its good offices and may be its bad offices to attract contending self appointed dictators and terrorists to make short term peace however, it has also enabled and empowered self selected group of covert terrorists posing as liberation fronts in the mould of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood and the Algerian and Arab Liberation Fronts.

This secretive and risque diplomacy has had varying level of success and failures. It has worked in the past to promote fairly questionable deals with Israel and PLO that resulted in the death of Prime Minister Rabin; then with the Irish Terrorists and Loyalists which happen to be Catholics and Protestants respectively, whose long term impact is not yet known.

Norway has been providing both financial, logistic and diplomatic support to the series of liberation fronts with money and diplomacy over the past 40 years to the separatist groups of Bahire Negash province, present day "Eritrea" is well known.

It has now become officially involved once more again in destabilizing the Horn by supporting a well known and highly ostracised terrorist regime in Asmara. The Srilankans are mad, as the rogue regime is supplying arms to the Tamil Tigers- a known terrorist group.

The leadership of present day Ethiopia has officially asked 6 diplomats to leave and for Norway and to scale down its undiplomatic activities. Covert organizations posing as European NGOS, such as the likes of the MSF and ICRC have left the scene shouting foul and behaving not as a non governmental agency but as covert operatives, which is well known among the international communities.

Africans by and large have been silent observers of this shaky operatives and the time has now come to expose the Nordic Hypocrisy and their rather naive and charlatan approach to diplomacy in general in Africa and the Middle East.

It is becoming apparent that when they are caught red handed in their adventures, they do not bother to punish the local community by withdrawing the so called AID money designed to help the poor regardless of government policy. However, it is clear no aid is free and it is all attached to some benefit for the donor community.

It is interesting that they want to buy away the sovereignty of developing countries by dangling AID money adn they are not ashamed of this rather charlatan behavior. Many Africans are clearly communicating with disgust this Nordic and Norwegian behavior by declaring that it is nothing but terrorist covert operation financing and no sovereign nation state should accept.

It seems Norway needs to learn from the Professionals such as Great Britain and Switzerland on how to use money efficiently.

Until then, they will be exposed as the new boys in the front of the Axis of Evil masquerading as philanthropists or better still peace makers.

What a joke! Please read below the accounts of the Asian Times author Daya Gamage of US Burea Asian Tribune.

Axis of Evil: Norway-LTTE-Eritrea, and call to ‘expose double standard of the West’
Tue, 2007-09-04 13:57

Daya Gamage – US Bureau Asian Tribune

Washington, D.C. 04 September ( While the Ethiopian media highlighted the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report iterating the Eritrean government’s direct assistance to Sri Lanka Tamil Tiger rebels, Eritrean media has so far maintained a stark silence except the president of Eritrea dismissed the U.S. State Department accusation that his country is assisting terrorists in Somalia and Ethiopia as baseless.

An independent daily news media outlet in Ethiopia ‘Jimma Times’ in its September 3 edition highlighted that “reports have accumulated tying the Eritrean and Norwegian governments in the complex politics of Sri Lanka and the Horn of Africa” declaring the combination as ‘Axis of Evil’.

The ‘Jimma Times’ continues: “The LTTE were labeled a terrorist organization by the US and the European Union. But despite the assassinations and terrorist activities of the LTTE, the Norway government remains close with the LTTE organization in its secessionist objectives. The large Sri Lanka Diaspora in Norway, made of more than 13,000 Tamils, is also a big source of financial and diplomatic support to the secessionist movement.”

The popular African web site ‘Africapath’ in its September 01 edition said the reports of Eritrean government proving direct assistance to the LTTE “certainly goes along with numerous of the Eritrean government in the horn of Africa, including Eritrean assistance for militants in Sudan, terrorist groups in Somalia, anti-government rebels in Djibouti and secessionist movements and terrorist organizations in the borders of Ethiopia.”

The web site encourages Ethiopia, Somalia and Sri Lanka “to take matters into their own hand and expose the double standards of the West”: “As widely reported, the Eritrean government continued to support rebels in Ethiopian borders as well as the ICU militants against the Somalia transitional government.

But the real issue for the West was that some individuals in the ICU were responsible for US embassy bombings in east Africa. Thus it was not a surprise that the United States warned the Eritrean government about its financial and arm support for anti-government ICU fighters in Mogadishu.

This showed that the United States is concerned about terrorism only when its interests are affected. It is important for all those nations, like Ethiopia, Somalia and Sri Lanka (who are facing violent secessionist movements and terrorist organizations armed by Eritrea) to take the matters into their own hands and expose the double standards of the west.”

The African website gives this serious warning to several nations including Sri Lanka:

”When the American pressure arrived two weeks ago, the Eritrean government discarded one of its dozens of foreign militant allies by releasing the Easter Sudanese rebels. The Eritrean government put out the fire it ignited in eastern Sudan and wanted to get a trophy for it.

A rogue government like the current Eritrean government will keep arming, financing and training the other 15 plus secessionist & terrorist organizations from Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Sri Lanka as long as these nations lethargically wait & beg for western attention of their misery.

The degree of difficulty all of these nations face regarding their security, because of the Eritrean government, will be reflected by many issues inside these countries terrorized by the Eritrean government.

These issues include plummeting economic performance and deteriorating political instability because all related domestic groups (which the Eritrean government arms & finances and remains ready to arm more) will naturally take the offer and prefer a violent path to solve their grievances instead of choosing a peaceful path.”

The analysis Ethiopia’s ‘Jimma Times’ gives about the situation in Sri Lanka and Norway’s role is: “The Eritrean government, made up of the former secessionist EPLF rebels that separated Eritrea from Ethiopia, was also accused by the United States of backing the insurgency in Somalia and accused by the Ethiopian government for backing the OLF & ONLF separatist insurgency.

”After long discussion to reduce concerns with Norway’s influence in the region, the Ethiopian government kicked out six Norwegian diplomats this week. Norway, which has long been known to support the OLF organization, itself seceded from Sweden and declared independence in 1905.

”Even aid work and western aid organizations, especially Scandinavian, have become involved in these complex situations. The Sri Lanka government has often accused aid workers for bias and assisting the separatist population, and remains suspicious of assistant aid workers from the same ethnic group as rebels.

Similarly, the Ethiopian government has kicked out a couple of aid organizations accusing them of bias and collaborating with pro-rebel individuals.”

In Asmara, the Eritrean capital, President Isaias Afwerki dismissed as baseless anti-Eritrea accusation by US State Department officials, and underscored that it emanates from the failed strategy they pursued in Somalia.

The President made the remarks in an interview with Aljezeera TV August 31. He pointed out that so-called talks that “Eritrea is supporting the Islamic Courts Union” are astonishing when viewed against claims that “the ICU has been destroyed and wiped out.”

President Isaias further indicated that the US State Department officials are resorting to such unfounded allegation and defamation in a futile bid to justify the mistakes they had committed.

Pointing out that the situations in Somalia is the outcome of US open invasion and intervention through its mercenary agent, the Ethiopian regime, he underscored that if the desired target is to enable the Somali people reconstitute their country, the UN should play its due role.

As of today, 04 September, the Eritrean president has maintained a stark silence about the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee report that his country is giving direct assistance to Sri Lanka’s Tamil Tigers.

- Asian Tribune -

Asmara, we sincerely hope
Submitted by Scorpion on Wed, 2007-09-05 07:23.
Asmara, we sincerely hope this is all a misunderstanding and nothing more!

If, however, your support of Sri Lanka's LTTE terrorists is true and if you continue to do so, then we can assure you Sri Lanka's military will be highly displeased and that would be truly unfortunate.

Sri Lanka's military expertise thrown behind Ethiopia and Somalia will see your infant state rapidly sliding into destitution and crumbling like a deck of cards.

In addition, please be informed that Sri Lanka possesses supersonic fighter/bomber jets and although the fleet is small, it has amply made up for the smallness by being deadly not only in precision, but obliterating havoc it has created (on LTTE terrorist targets).

No, Asmara I don't think you want this complication at this stage of your fledgling nation that barely has had time to get the "smell of milk" out of its breath.

Sri Lanka is a nation with a proud 2500 year recorded history and it has been fighting genocidal wars against its Sinhela people for nearly that long and as such, any threat to Sri Lanka’s sovereignty or the security of her people, we Sri Lankans tend to regard with “extreme prejudice.”

Scorpion aka OaO Asithri

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