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Millennial Challenges: Why is Africa and Europe the new frontier of Arab Terrorists?

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Re: Why is Africa and Europe the new frontier of terrorists?

As the millennium unfolds, the Arab inspired terrorists are feeling desperate to execute more and more spectacular terror acts in Africa and Europe.

September 11 is a landmark in modern history, when a group of Arab terrorists managed to strike at mainland USA and then followed it up with a series in Africa and Europe.

The Kenyans resort where Jews frequented, the American Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania as well as the London and Spain bombing remind us that the new recruits are no more Arabs, but those associated with the deadly Arab Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist groups camouflaging as Muslims.

The faithful Muslim community around the world has been abused by these new brand of terrorists who do not have their consent nor their support. Yet, the terrorists are abusing their name and their communities to unleash a serious threat to the international communities.

Both Europe and Africa have a strong union unfolding that will allow movement of people and goods easily across geographic boundaries. Terrorists find this new global phenomenon attractive for their sleeper cell activities.

The lesson for both African Union and European Union institutions is to ensure that their passports and their investment infrastructure is not penetrated by these loony Egypt based Muslim Brotherhoods of whatever orientation. The Egyptian terrorists have penetrated many a vulnerable communities in the Horn of Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq and are now busy establishing themselves in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Yet Africa and Europe appears to be their easy targets as these communities do not speak Arabic, the terrorists lethal weapon. Most importantly, for some idiotic reasons, camouflaged under democratic free trade opportunities, ingredients for weapons of Mass destruction are easily available in these two continents and the terrorists can easily access them, making them more deadly than any where in the world.

Africa continues to be a a continent that can easily be ignited due to the overwhelming challenges faced by the increasing unemployed and disenfranchised youth that can easily be recruited to these deadly terrorist activities.

It is time, for African Union and European Union to tighten up their weak free trade intuitions that make destructive weapons and ingredients of mass suicide chemicals easily available to high school and deranged college students as witnessed in Colorado and Virginia.

The same mentally and socially disabled youths that are left over of the competitive and yet un caring shark capitalist system will be a great recruitment ground for future terrorists.

It is critical that youths who cannot make it to the world of Bill Gates or Paris Hilton are supported to get alternative livelihood that is compatible with their skills and competence and feel they are appreciated and have a place in the western and African societies.

Eventually it will be those delinquent and otherwise non productively engaged youths who will be the recruits of the new Arab inspired terrorists. The experience of Ethiopia in the early 1974 where the deadly partnerships of a group of delinquent high school and college drop outs with low performing army officers created one of the most serious genocide in the history of the country to date its impact continues to shake this ancient center of classical civilization.

The inspiration of Ethiopian delinquent youths and poorly performing army officers was the Algerian Liberation Fronts that was inspired and supported by the den of Egyptian terrorists- the Muslim brotherhood.

To date, the ruling and aspiring elites in Asmara and Addis as well as their surrogates in Ogaden, Somalia and Oromia have the same suffix "deadly liberation fronts" (EPLF, ELF, TPLF, OLF, ONLF) as their identity that continues to generate discord and threat to the region where a 1,0000 km border is mined with explosives and over 300,000 liberation fronts recruits are facing each other with UN Peace Keeping Force sandwiched between them.

The Ethiopian Millennium is likely to be hostage to these Egyptian and Algerian deadly bortherhood inspired series of liberation fronts operating with deadly weapons easil aqcuired via the rogue and terrorist regime in Asmara that continues to supply arms to Somali and Tamil Tiger terrorists.

The world has done nothing except the toothless threat of 'Terrorist-list" from US State Department. The UN continues to publish reports for the past three years with no action. Another incompetent institution that allows the Russians to distribute their deadly Kalishkinikof via the infamous 'Death Merchants"

Africa and Europe for that matter the United States have to look at the global challenge from a different global telescope, rather than the small self serving home land and fatherland security apparatus that can easily be penetrated as the recent wave of terrorist plots testify.

Germany and the US base was the recent unsuccessful target as Holland, Great Britain and Spain were the more successful terrorist targets.

Remember: the terrorist need to have one successful operation to declare their victory.

I say Bravo Germany, you had a great success story and the world should appreciate your efforts and learn quickly and form an African and European Security Blanket as early as possible.

Africa and Europe as well as North America should take the lesson to heart, the terrorists are hard working and the only solution is to dry up their recruitment ponds wherever and whenever they are potentially found.

BERLIN, Germany (CNN) -- Three terror suspects held in Germany planned to carry out "imminent" and "massive" bombs attacks on a U.S. air base and Frankfurt's international airport, according to prosecutors.

Security officers pictured at Frankfurt Airport in August 2006

The suspects, two Germans aged 22 and 29, and a 29-year-old Turk, received terrorist training in Pakistan and had close ties to al Qaeda, according to Jorg Ziercke, president of Germany's Federal Criminal Investigation Office.

Ziercke said the group was united by a "hatred against American citizens" as it planned attacks against Frankfurt airport, a popular international travel hub, and Ramstein air base, a major transit point for the U.S. military into the Middle East and Central Asia.

The group had amassed 680 kg (1,500 pounds) of hydrogen peroxide to make bombs, German federal prosecutor Monika Harms told reporters on Wednesday.

Harms said the three suspects also planned to attack bars and restaurants popular with Americans.

She said the planned attacks would have been among the biggest yet on German soil. Possible scenarios would have been car bombs used in simultaneous attacks.

Officials said the hydrogen peroxide could have produced a bomb with the explosive power of 540 kg of TNT.

"This would have enabled them to make bombs with more explosive power than the ones used in the London and Madrid bombings," Ziercke said at a joint news conference with Harms.

Ziercke said anti-terrorist police seized two of the suspects at a holiday home in central Germany on Tuesday. A third escaped through a bathroom window, but was caught nearby.

The three suspects appeared before judges in a closed court in Karlsruhe after being flown in by helicopter, court officials told The Associated Press.

"This is a good day for security in Germany," Harms said.

"There was an imminent threat," German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung told Germany's ARD broadcaster earlier.

The German terror arrests came a day after Danish police arrested eight "militant Islamists," accusing them of storing "unstable explosives."

At U.S. European Command in Stuttgart, Capt. Jeff Gradec said German authorities had alerted them of a possible terrorist threat to American installations, but not specifically Ramstein.

Gradec said EUCOM had no plans to raise its force protection levels in light of the plots.

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Danish arrests 'prevent terrorism'
Ramstein Air Base is located in western Germany's Rhineland-Palatinate state and is about 125 kilometers (75 miles) southeast of Frankfurt.

Authorities in both Germany and the United States have warned of the possibility of a terrorist attack, and security measures have been raised, according to an AP report.

However CNN's International Security Correspondent Paula Newton reported that intelligence officials have been calling for more cooperation to combat terror plots in Europe, in particular the faster transfer of information between different countries.

Europe is at high risk, officials say, due not only to the Iraq war, but also the NATO mission in Afghanistan, to which many European countries contribute, she said, adding that the Muslim population in Europe is beginning to feel more alienated than it has done in previous decades. "This brings Europe to the battleground," Newton said. E-mail to a friend

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