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Millennial Challenges: Surviving the Extreme Diaspora!

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Re: Surviving another attack on the Modern day Ras Alula! Does Senator Inhofe of Oklahoma Deserve this? He needs our support and appreciation and we need to show it!

The Diplomatic battle ground is moving to Colorado, Senator Inhofe's office!


There appears to be a misguided campaign planned against Senator Inhofe as the attached material from a web site inidcates. This is no new, however, the fact that the battle ground is moving from Washington to his office in Colarado is new development.

So, the question of the time is ..."Should we allow this to take place without any support to the Senator? I do not think so.
The issue under consideration that is the US-Ethiopia relations in this critical time of global war on terror, when the Horn is the new frontline region, cannot and should not be treated with complacency, nor with incompetence!

The price that we will pay in time to come will be so great, I think we should face it head on for what it is! A serious threat of the new world order that is rapidly cascading into chaos!

The Senator is rated as No 1 conservative and First Class American Patriot in his own words. What does that mean? That means he is a highly patriotic individual, who understands what is the most critical challenge of our time here at home in the US and across the world. He knows and appreciates the challenges of our time! Specially, the challenge the unique special US-Ethiopia relationship faces in this critical time.

Is it appropriate that few unrepentant Marxist Leninist Diaspora group, popularly known as the Dangerous Extremists of our time-who have managed to enter the USA by misrepresenting themselves in the first place, and some even have achieved US Citizenship under false pretexts by hiding their communist and terrorirst past during the Red and White Terror of Mengistu's genocide of our people. These same people want to repeat that crime here in the Diaspora by misrepresenting themselves and adversely impacting the US-Ethiopia relations with their crocodile tears for self generated human right crisis.

This dangerous group, who are actively sought in Ethiopia for their criminal activities during the Military Junta days, now continue to operate illegally, by hiding their communist and criminal past and are presenting themselves as superficial democrats, when they are actually either terrorists or part of the new terror sleeper cell networks. Surely, they were known nd documented communist operatives masquerading as the new liberal democrats.

Their track record is publicly available and their current activities are testimonies of their hidden agenda, when their track record both in Addis, Assimba, Ethiopia and here in the US has proven to be Stalinist terrorists! Their vocal and written defense of democracy and human rights appears impressive, but only to those congressmen like Donald and Chris Smith who do not know them, nor care to investigate the ample evidence at their disposal.

This is indeed a shame that communists and jihadist sleeper cell terrorists are penetrating the democratic US congress and Senate system. Do we really think they can fool the NO. 1 Patriotic Senator in the USA?

I do not believe so. However, he does not deserve to be harassed nor misrepresented for his stand for protecting the over 100 years of Excellent relationship between USA and Ethiopia.

Senator Inhofe is unique in that he is a person of action and walks the talks which many pretending liberals or crypto Marxists do not do. They talk human rights, compassion but act violently to achieve their evil goals.

However, the Patriotic Senator James Ihofe of Oklaham, has adopted an Ethiopian girl into his family and so he has his eyes in to the future as the has the stake of the future of his granddaughter as he defends the unique Ethio-US relations that is critically challengeed by this misconstrued bill.

Do the extreme Communist Diaspora think they can fool the most Patriotic Senator? Never! however they can create drama, inconveneience and some stress. That is what we should avoid or at least show to him, these fools do not represent any one but their criminal past and their new found agenda to hide their criminal past.

The question is what is the role of the Majority Patriotic Ethiopian-American Diaspora. Allow the few vocal communists amongst us destroy the current excellent US-Ethiopia relations?

Most of us have left our own homeland due to the threat and massacre of our families by the terror that is generated by the same few minority extremist Marxist Leninist who did not go to Russia, China or Cuba but have come to the Great Capitalist country the USA which hated and even undermined during their brief time of terror for 17 years from 1974 to 1991.

So their terrorist activity has followed us in exile, where are we going to run to now. Should we not confront them with the truth and the US legal system. That is the real question.

This beautiful and patriotic country of USA has given refuge not only to patriotic citizens from all over the world but to these same communists who managed to enter the USA under false pretexts and have managed to mislead the US congressmen by misrepresenting the facts and have managed to negatively influence against the sacred US-Ethiopia relations via this misguided Controversial HR2003 that passed without discussion under Voice Vote.

It appears they are planning to harass the NO 1 Patriotic Senator in the USA because he is defencing the short and long term interests of his country by demonstrating in front of his office in Colorado, this coming Tuesday morning at 10:00 Am local time.

What is the role of patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans in this critical time when we are both facing the new threats of old Marxists who have organized themselves as Mujaheddin in the Horn of Africa.

I believe we should stand for truth, honor, dignity, freedom and the unique US-Ethiopia relationships that has lasted for over 100 years.

The real danger is the war on terrorism and the special US-Ethiopia relationships.

All the same it is important to be alerted, engaged and most importantly stand to be counted when there is time to do so.

Dr B

Here is a new campaign as reported on a one of the extreme Diaspora web site!


Outside Senator Inhofe’s Oklahoma City office:
1900 NW Expressway Suite 1210
Oklahoma City, OK 73118

TIME: 10:00A.M.


Human Rights in Ethiopia- How true is this report? We need to examine it for its veracity! Here is the alleged report as posted in the web site.

Is this an accurate reflectin of the US State Department?

In its most recent human rights report on Ethiopia (April 5, 2007), the U.S. State Department concluded:

The [Ethiopian] government’s human rights record remained poor in many areas. Human rights abuses reported during the year included the following:

unlawful killings; beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces; poor prison conditions;

arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly of those suspected of sympathizing with or being members of the opposition;

detention of thousands without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; infringement on citizens’ privacy rights;

restrictions on freedom of the press; arrest, detention, and harassment of journalists for publishing articles critical of the government;

restrictions on freedom of assembly and of association; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children;

female genital mutilation; exploitation of children for economic and sexual purposes;

trafficking in persons; societal discrimination against persons with disabilities and against religious and ethnic minorities;

and government interference in union activities.

What about the US HR 2003, how accurate is this reporting?

Human Rights Bill in Congress

On October 2, 2007, the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously and with full bipartisan support passed H.R. 2003 (“Ethiopia Freedom and Accountability Act of 2007).

This bill urges the government of Ethiopia to release all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience in the country and prosecute individuals who have committed gross human rights violations.

Additionally, it provides financial support to strengthen human rights and civil society groups and build democratic institutions including a court system free of political interference and an elections system that is free from fraud and political manipulation. The bill is currently in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Why Does Senator Inhofe Oppose Human Rights in Ethiopia?

The protesting web site believes that:

Senator Inhofe has placed a “hold” on the bill in the Senate preventing consideration by the full Senate. He says the “bill is misguided and takes the wrong approach by placing demands on a friend and ally that has made obvious advancements in democracy and human rights.”

The web site further claims that the bill will “derail progress Ethiopia has made in furtherance of democracy and supporting human rights.”

Ethiopia Human Rights Bill Advances American Foreign Policy in the Horn of Africa

H.R. 2003 advances U.S. foreign policy in the Horn of Africa in several ways:

1) support he growth of democratic institutions by helping establish a free and competitive electoral process, independent judicial institutions and democratic civil liberties,

2) bolster all existing counter-terrorism efforts and allow the continuing delivery to Ethiopia of peacekeeping and security assistance,

3) allows delivery of all humanitarian assistance and food aid programs to Ethiopia.

Ethiopian Americans Protest Senator Inhofe’s Hold on Human Rights Bill

Ethiopians in Oklahoma and the United States strongly protest Senator Inhofe’s “hold” on H.R. 2003.

The protesters state that:

They believe Senator Inhofe’s “hold” on the bill will result in the continued detention of thousands of political prisoners in Ethiopia, prevent the prosecution of human rights violators, undermine the growth of democratic institutions and civil liberties.

ALL MEDIA INVITED! So, we should be there!

It is high time all patriotic US and Ethiopian Media should attend and ask the right questions and support the Senator who happens to have adopted an Ethiopian girl, who he refers to his "beloved grand-daughter!'

He deserves to hear that we appreciate his efforts to promote an excellent US-Ethiopia relationships not by words alone but by involving his own personal life where his daughter adopted an Ethiopian Princess!

Now is the the time to be counted!

Dr B

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