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Ecological Reparation? $100 Billion by 2020; should we ask 4 trillions instead? The myth of ecological aid, Fact or fiction?

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Dear Patriotic Global Citizens:

The Ecology demands stimulations in Trillions and not billions as expected!

Why doubt the usefulness of Climate Conference?  Is it the money or the change of lifestyle and investment in green technologies and green ecology that is critical?

Resources are important, but we need to galvanize, talent, technology, knowledge and resources towards green existence.

The global crisis demands, global response and the story from the African perspective is not positive.

Call it what you may, aid or reparation, we need investment in the future global ecology

We cannot afford to fail due to poor resource investment.  It is time act sooner than later.  The Ecology needs healing and planing trees, using green clean technologies is a way forward

We have come so long and we should not and we will not give up just now!  Like the Chile Miners, we have to keep hope alive and commitment with new technologies.

Our precious middle aged planet needs financial and ecological stimulation and rehabilitation, just as the Corrupt Global Corporations did with Trillions of dollars.  We need to invest in trillions not in billions. Just imagine what will happen if we continue the current path of reckless exploitation of our  future and promote cataclysmic  crisis in the solar system. We can change the Mayan Apocalypse of 31 December 2012

May be we should ask for more stimulation package from G20 in Seol, South Korea.


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Sudan’s President Omar Hassan al-Bashir (R) and Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi speaks during a joint news conference after their meeting at Khartoum Airport.

>Ethiopian leader doubts usefulness of climate conference

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Next month’s climate conference in Cacun, Mexico, “will be a total fraud,” the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, said yesterday in Addis Ababa.

Mr Zenawi, who heads the Conference of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change, shocked particpants at the ongoing Seventh African Development Forum when he said the massive deficit in global leadership guarantees that the proposed conference would end badly.

In words devoid of diplomatese, the Ethiopian leader, who is also co-chair of the High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing, also suggested that, ‘it is possible the following one in South Africa will also be a failure.’ Guests at the high table which included Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway; Jean Ping, chairperson of the African Union Commission; Festus Mogae, former president of Botswana and Donald Kaberuka, President of the African Development Bank, appeared stunned by Mr Zenawi’s words. The thousand- strong audience however clapped in support of the frank assessment.

Mr Zenawi said in the face of such clear failure in global leadership, African leaders must find the means to react adequately to the situation irrespective of what happens in the international community. He said a lack of global leadership shows that structural issues are at stake, including an unwillingness to stand up to vested interests and to challenge myopic views.

He said the promise that $100 billion will be made available for Africa by 2020 to fight climate change is only feasible if leaders from developed countries responsible for most of the climate damage are willing to face up to their responsibilities. He also rejected the notion that the money is to be given as aid, saying it is rather a “downpayment on reparation” to a continent suffering from problems it did not cause.
He said African leaders, however, “are not going to wait until these guys are converted to sanity. We will just continue to use the limited resources we have. Leadership in our case means fighting for every cent they owe us, but in the meantime doing all we can on our own.”

Change of strategy

Mr Stoltenberg, who co-chairs the advisory group on climate change financing, agreed with Mr Zenawi that there are reasons for concern that the conference in Cacun will be disappointing.

He said it is impossible to expect that the so-called comprehensive legally binding agreement on climate change, which failed to materialise in the last conference, will be reached in Cacun, or even in the next conference in South Africa. He suggested reduced expectations in the form of short-term goals that are possible, such as progress on staving off deforestration and on some aspect of the financing.

Mr Mogae said even though Africa is the least guilty of climate crimes and suffers disproportionately, it is incumbent on the continent to find projects it can self finance to mitigate the effects, rather than wait indefinitely for succour from abroad. He also blamed African leaders who fail to use the advantage provided by the last climate conference to press home their advantage.
“I hope that, as leaders, in future when we agree on a position that serves our interests, we would be heard to be supporting that position. We need to crystallise our tactics,” he said.

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Posted by Temesgen Omar on Oct 14 2010
I do not take Meles's Speech as some thing devoid of deplomatese. No thing is wrong to state boldly what has been on the ground vivid to be seen by every body.Is it not a hypocritical step to camouflage the utter failure something with a kind of success? or some thing that does not matter when actually it is.Because every leader is concerned with short term national interest or does not want to sacrify his/her position in next election which comes from the elites pressure of narrow minded constituencies. Is not not a deficit of leadership for the world community that boarded on the same ship that is signaling to sink?

Posted by Liniker on Oct 14 2010
I believe Meles is brandishing his typical extortionist tactic of getting the most out of Westerns coffer. As the experience of the previous conference on Climate shows, he will collude with the so-called 'culprits' in the end. He will stun them with such seemingly devastating comments and galvanize the African leaders support and trade it finally for his own interest. That is the common 'smarty' way Meles handles issues of great importance to divert them to his own advantage.

Posted by Hamsa on Oct 14 2010
Hmm this guy is using this issue of climate change for his own sake-private prosperity-while he has lots of climatically damaging policies and unscrutinised plants that pollute rivers and waters.He is both poltically and climatically dictator. He needs to tame both his mouth and acts too before jumping on those who feed him eachday.

Posted by mulugeta on Oct 14 2010
meles did afrank assesment of the statesque and prediction that no honest person can deny.

Posted by Thomas on Oct 14 2010
Meles' speech was extra ordinary and is a speech well coined after a curious observation and evaluation of the very interest of leaders from the West. This is not a step to 'camouflage the utter failure' as said by Temesgen. The failure is obsrevedly from the side of the causes not from the subjects of the effect. It has always been a culture to blame the African leadership for any failure, which is totally wrong. Clearly, the issue of climate change has proven that this is not always the case.

Posted by Tatek on Oct 14 2010
President Meles’s speeches are, for lack of a better adage, like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are going to get. This one was a good one. Consistency of stance to what he knows is best for the country or the continent is what he lacks

Posted by sam on Oct 14 2010
some of you here, please think global. This is African issue rather than Eritrian. Stay focused with African issues. Thank You

Posted by MAG on Oct 14 2010
thank you Mr. Meles, for saying what is right with out being politically correct.

Posted by Gadissa on Oct 14 2010
Shame on the Dictator Meles Zenawi. Sharmuxxa

Posted by save the earth on Oct 14 2010
lets face it-we are polluting the planet and the least-responsible, Africans & other '3rd world' people, are paying the lion's share. We need to stand and make the walk by starting cutting our carbon footprint and paying those victims. Thank you Mr Meles for telling our talk-only leaders what they are. Thumbs up for being frank than politically correct.

Posted by zerihun on Oct 14 2010
the developed nation lied when they promised africa to compensate it for the climate change and meles should be commended for telling them exactly that.

Posted by sara Ashenafi on Oct 14 2010
Well said and good job Meles to call a spade a spade.You hit the nail on the head and it is time to tell those baffoons what they deserve-quick in promising and slow in acting.Way forward-no turning back now and our African leaders ,it's time to wake up in unison and keep fighting and stand up for your right not tomorrow but today and NOW.

Posted by Tizta on Oct 14 2010
God has blessed Ethiopia and Africa with a far thinking, franc, intelligent leader (Meles). Those of you (hate mongers) who know nothing about environmental issues but would like to inject your hateful propaganda in every unrelated subject maters need to refrain from occupying space for intelegent discussion for inelegant people. Limit your toxic propaganda for your wabe site like the so called “March4 freedom” “Ethiomedia”, “Ethiopia review” that are finaced by Shabia, Al-Shabab, and Alkaida

Posted by MT Yoha on Oct 14 2010
Excellent far-reaching 21st century global assessment. It is the truth. Somebody has to stand up and say it. Mr Meles did it eloquently. Africans have to stand up and claim their lost position in the world. It is time for Africa (Waka Waka) to tell the world that we have intelligent far thinkers and that we can do it. Let's go forward. It is the way to get out of poverty. Thank you Mr Meles for telling the truth as it is, for our future depends on doing the right thing at the right time.

Posted by Dan on Oct 14 2010
Meles is nothing but a super puppet. Don't take what he says seriously.

Posted by Shanko on Oct 14 2010
Very wise and correct speech indeed Mr.Zenawe. I hope those hate mongers and narrows will try to understaand you that you are one of the few African leaders to be proud of. Well done and stay strong.

Posted by BibI on Oct 14 2010
You are right Mr. Zenawi. He described all our African feelings. Yes we African's stand united and expose these massive deficit in global leadership. No real commitment at all. Africa is no more a heaven for those who work day and night to destroy the continent. Africa is united again. Thank you Zenawi! You are a great leader. No body doubt about Zenawi's intelligent and finally even Obama accept Ethiopian leadership is on the right truck.

Posted by Samuel on Oct 14 2010
What a wonderful leader!! Wonderful Meles true son of Africa! Stand for the truth.

Posted by dembidolo on Oct 15 2010
what a leader i have never seen a leader like Meles Zenawi. Ethiopia is lucky to have a leader like him and Africa in general is also lucky to have him lead this case. BTW Eritreans we all know that you don't think you are Africans and you always want to talk about Eritrean issue if only i had the power to move your land to the middle east just as you wish This is African issue not Eritrean capish

Posted by justin on Oct 15 2010
The timing for the West is pretty bad to deal with this issue. When all the economies in the West are struggling to get out of recession, it's a tough deal for them to levy taxes or fees in order to come up with the 100 billion/year they agreed.

Posted by fitsum on Oct 15 2010
You see when we have leaders of a high caliber like prime Minister Meles has, the so called developed countries start to shiver with their spine. This issue is Global and Africa is well represented and led by a very calm, wise and most of all level headed son of mama Africa, Mr Meles Zenawi. Some of you say Eritrea, well give him time and the space he needs, the man will help even Eritrean to get them out of the hell they are in. Most of them know he can but are ashamed to admit it. He means business and he means what he says. Record of his achievements, both for his country as well as for the continent speak volume.

Posted by fitsum on Oct 15 2010
Simply put, Mr Meles mean what he say and say what he mean. Full stop. He never beat about the bush. He would call spade exactly spade. Bingo. Bravo Mr. Meles.

Posted by Moges on Oct 15 2010
Melese Zenawi does not have the moral ground to lead Africa on climate issue. He is the fraud leader of Africa and an embarassment to Ethiopians in general and Tigreans in particular. He is the most tyrant, ruthless, heartless, ethnocentric leader in Africa.

Posted by HMAM LBI on Oct 15 2010
When leaders like Meles make such a strong statement , it is after assesing the situation care fully & consulting his advisors. It is not easy for me to admit this, although I have been saying this for at least 15 yrs. & fellow citzens / Eritreans have been calling me woyane´s puppet. I may be Eritrean,but I have a brain & conscience. And that is not an oxymoron. God bless Ethiopians for letting Eritrean refugees work,learn & live.

Posted by Lafonte on Oct 15 2010
Aiga forum= Ethiopian News Agency. No less, no more.

Posted by Meles on Oct 15 2010
HMAM LBI, you are Agame so please don't try to masquerade as an Eritrean. This people really do have an inferiority complex.

Posted by Alex on Oct 15 2010
I endorsed Melles's speach as jenune & tells the Western to look inside.The other message gotten from the speach was though, we are poor try to strugle hard using our llimited resource.

Posted by nezere on Oct 15 2010
Off course this magnificient, smart, and indefatigable leader of Ethiopia is someone we should listen, trust, and take his words undoubtley.

Posted by alem on Oct 15 2010
Thanks God to have a leader like ato Meles. He is my hero, the son of Africa. I know he do not have sleep to fight poverty here at home and climate change in the world. We thank you and ask you to push your efferots relentlessly so we can achieve our transformation goal.

Posted by Sewit on Oct 15 2010
Africa needs such leaders. Thanks to meles for his frank opinions.

Posted by dany boy on Oct 15 2010
all i can say is africa is still africa. nothing else!

Posted by Tedros on Oct 15 2010
Bravo Meles Zenawi...I am proud of you....We African's are lucky to have him...he is a Hero...for me even he is morathan Nelson Mandela of south Africa...Mandela was in prison most of fighting for justice and equality..Meles is is fighting for a better tomorrow..for his entire life...what a legacy of success is he leaving behind...VIVA

Posted by seyoum on Oct 15 2010
I thank Mr.Melese for his frank assessment of the situation. All peoples of Africa should learn to listen to this great leader and back him up in his efforts. Mr. Melese is a pioneering leader who is determined to bring not only Ethiopia but also the whole Africa from poverty. The peoples of Africa should stop fighting each other and start thinking globally.

Posted by Mustafa Muhammed on Oct 15 2010
I agree with the assessments of Liniker. Meles talks tough just to fool African leaders and cut a better deal to him self; remember not to Ethiopia but to him self. He is a skilled and ruthless power player. Do not be surprised if he makes a U-turn as he did during the Denmark summit.

Posted by B Bel on Oct 15 2010
The prime minister is doing his job as expected .He is born to fight and he is doing it very well.He has told us his frank assesment so lets support him to support the whole world.God bless this man .

Posted by True Ethiopian on Oct 15 2010
Well done! And well said Prime Minister Meles.

Posted by PM Leba on Oct 15 2010
Melles is a Liar. He wants more money for his own profit. He dont have any Interest for Ethiopia, let alone Africa. A usual African Dictator.

Posted by Selamawit on Oct 15 2010
Thank you Mr. Mesles for your open and frank speech about climate problem. I am proud having Pm like Meles. We have to see according to the problem and he like to tell the truth to the west leaders who ignore to address African climate problem. Therefore, it is time for all Africans to stand and support him. Those who are using this for your negative and norrow thinking, please stop and think for your country and African development.

Posted by Mulugeta Aserate on Oct 15 2010
There comes a time, does it not, when it is right for politicians not to mince their words and to call a spade a spade. The present demands that. Prime Minister Meles was, therefore, absolutely right to give vent to pent-up feelings of frustration shared by African Heads of State by employing semantics which hits the nail on the head. Good for you Meles!

Posted by John on Oct 15 2010
If Mr Melese is really worried about the effects of climate change, he should use the billions of dollars his wife has stolen from Ethiopia instead of begging the West for money.

Posted by Meseret on Oct 15 2010
I woulk like to thank Mr. Meles for his frank speech about Envirnmntal problem. It is time to the world leaders, to think and bring their attention for Africa. It is also the time for us Africans to stand together for our Africa. I thank Mr. Meles again and stay strong with other Africans. Hope, you will win!!!!!!!!

Posted by Ashenafi on Oct 15 2010
He did excellent assessment. The developed countries make so many promises with no action. Only phony! Cooperation is the best, not aid. The climate change could seriously affect westerners more than developing countries. Who knows! The Westerners apply the principle of "Twisting Arms". In doing inaction to climate change they are to blame for inflicting crises all over the world from Darfur to Afghanistan.

Posted by jabulani seapo on Oct 15 2010
viva meles viva Ethiopian

Posted by Gashaw on Oct 15 2010
Eritrean friends, do not mix up things and manage your emotions/hatred for God sake. I do not support Meles' national policy but this is not a domestic ethio-erit issues, and you need think big and globally. You seems to be stuck with eritrean domestic issues and hatred towards ethiopia.

Posted by Deregje on Oct 15 2010
From time to time, I become to realize that this guy has a mission and he is really smart and well informed leader. I think he will definitely change the country for ever. Thanks, Deregie

Posted by observer on Oct 15 2010
Well said Meles, only if we can trust you. You always seem to surprise us with your speeches and visions but always end up making 160 degrees turn when the going gets tough or when it becomes head on with your personal interest.

Posted by negatu on Oct 15 2010
i would like to thank Mr Meles Zenawi for honest speech about the effect of climate change.He pinned the fact on the ground and let us face it.For those wasting their time and words which has no relation to the context, please do not show your shameful and filthy mout.

Posted by Chanchoo on Oct 15 2010
Mr. Zenawi, the real man of Africa, go ahead and work hard. Every body in Africa is on ur side. God bless u!

Posted by Shanko on Oct 15 2010
I appreciate most of the genuine comments like yours Ato Derege. Most good leaders are appreciated for their contributions much later. Sometimes even after they leave us. Some of us remain unlucky and unfortunate to realize their efforts and achievements and will die with our narrow mindedness. But their heroic deeds will change Ethiopia for good. It is unforgiveable crime to fight and demoralize their effort. It is never too late to be flexible and be free to have our own judgments and start to contribute for our wonderful nation in whatever way we can. let's try to leave something before we go. Africa needs all her children to fight poverty, backwardness and neo-colonialism. Leaders like Ato meles Zenawi are blessings for Ethiopia and Africa. Un doubtfully they are nightmares for narrows and enemies of Africa. Viva Meles! Viva Ethiopia! Viva Africa!

Posted by Paulo on Oct 15 2010
Well said Mr Meles, what else can he say when hipocracy prevails? This time they are not going to fool us; Africa has bred genius and smart leaders like Mr. Meles. We Africans have to understand that we have to depend on ourselves and work hard towards freedom of our continent from neo-colonialism. We can make it. That is the only solution we have. No begging! No ..No,No. No more e Finita.

Posted by Jemal on Oct 15 2010
Would you lpease tell our sick neighbors to shut up. We are talking about Africa and African leaders not about hate and nonsense.

Posted by GORZO on Oct 16 2010
" INSANITY RULES THE TOXIC DIASPORA" i wish everyone can speak to his mind - day in day out the same argument - when do you grow up? the day you stopped asking you stopped learning. God Bless our country and people - it's in safe hands & right direction 

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