Saturday, April 23, 2011

Remembering Passover, Easter and William and Catherine Wedding!

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As we remember the 2011 Passover and Easter, we are facing the unique Marriage of the year between Prince William and Catherine Middleton and the impending crisis in Libya, Syria and Yemen into chaos.

This planet of ours is getting older along with its middle aged Solar System, giving way to chaotic electromagnetic changes that is making our planet vulnerable to earth quakes, tsunamis and dangerous radiation as well as disruptions to the normal seasons and resulting extended floods and drought etc

In the midst of all these cataclysmic changes where the global economy is in crisis disrupting the food and energy markets across the globe, we have William and Kate spending $29 Million British Tax Money and potentially allowing the recovery of British Economy with expected millions of tourists spending on goods and services that commemorate the Royal Wedding.

It is in this unique week we remember, Passover and Easter of the Jewish and Christian heritage where freedom and salvation or reconciliation with the Universal God is promised.

The disparity between the halves and have nots continues to boggle the minds of economists, philosophers and young inquisitive minds.  Why such disparity, and such gross injustice?

It appears these questions have been around for millennia and will continue to be with us for a long time to come.

So, what should we do with it in such short time we have on planet earth?  Some say we have 70 years others 120 and then we pass on to the next generation.  So, Will and Kate are getting ready to replace the Royal House with the new family and potentially with one or two children to inherit the British Crown.

Yes, we need to prepare ourselves for the next generation.  As the British Royals prepare for Friday, 11:00 am local time, 29 April 2011 Wedding of this year, we also need to prepare for the future.

The real questions how do the 7 Billion Global Citizens are preparing for this great eventuality.

We wish Kate and Will happy wedding and the British Royals a wonderful time of family and national celebrations as they are one happy spot in these troubled world

Happy Marriage, the covenant of the family that is the foundation for our human civilizations.

With love and respect and seeking your alternative perspectives

Belai Habte-Jesus, MD. MPH

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